Here are the highlights from the July 21st Board meeting:

  • The Ad Hoc Committee to develop a plan for refurbishing the pool facility was established on July 12th. Jan Collins is the chair with members Dave Ahearn, Lynda Burek, Pete Collins, Matt Neal, Connie Serafin and Nancy Whaley. There was substantial support for and interest in the committee’s work. The group will provide opportunities for all members to offer input as the project progresses.
  • With an increase of 44 members since the beginning of the year and federal government assistance in the form of tax credits for salaried employees (which has now ended), the financials for our club in the first half of the year show a net income increase over budget.
  • In preparation for the 2022 capital budgeting process, the Finance Committee is initiating work to do a reserve study. The group will do a full asset inventory, including life expectancy and value of the components, in order to determine the level of reserves needed to support upkeep, maintenance and replacement. The target date for completion is October 2021.