At the April 20, 2022 Board of Directors meeting:

  • Officers for the 2022-2023 Board year were elected. President, Betsy Irwin-McCaughey; Vice President, Dave Roberts; Treasurer, Dennis Crawford, and; Secretary, Tisa Head.
  • Discounted initiation fees were approved as an incentive for new golf, racquet sports and social members who join by June 4th. Fees will be $3,000 (vs $4,000), $2,500 (vs $3,000) and $2,000 (vs $2,500) respectively. A promotional open house will take place May 28 and 29, Memorial Day weekend. Current preview members will also be able to take advantage of the lower initiation fees by converting by June 1.
  • Board members discussed current staffing shortages in the kitchen, which are driving a reduction in food service. Two kitchen staff have been hired and will be on board by mid-May. Recruiting is actively underway with competitive salary, signing bonus, and flexible hours offered. Recognizing the reduced food service to members during April and May, the Board approved a reduction in the food minimum from $360 to $300.
  • Financial conditions continued a favorable trend through March. Net income for March of $25,456 is $33K above the budgeted net loss of ($7,414) with key contributors of $19K from Admin payroll savings and $12K from initiation fees. For the year, net income is $134K above budget.
  • Committee chairs will be appointed by May 5th. Members interested in serving on a committee should contact a Board officer.

Betsy McCaughey