On April 12th, we had our first Quarterly to kick off the 2022 LGA golf season. It started with a 9 hole round of Best Ball Golf. The winners with a score of 36 were from Left to Right: Sally Kerr (a new LGA member) Carol Blaha, Tisa Head, Carnell Boyle. Congratulations Ladies. We then had a delicious meal followed by our meeting.

Our LGA Scholarship recipient for this year has been selected and will be announced once they are awarded the Scholarship at their school’s Award Ceremony in May.

Some of the exciting things that current LGA board have planned for this year were discussed. We are planning on having several “Friendlies” (inviting other LGA groups from other golf courses to come play with us and then we in turn will go to their club to play). As we firm these up, we will publish the information and invite all LGA members to participate. If you aren’t an LGA member currently, please consider joining.

We will be introducing some “fun” games to be played on our Tuesday Ladies LGA days that we think will be both fun and provide some with “bragging” rights of their wins. We are hoping that both groups will stay for lunch to both support the club and foster friendships.

Beginning April 26th, with the LGA season officially beginning, the Pro Shop will post a sign-up sheet each week for ladies to sign up to play on Tuesdays. (Please be sure to do this before noon on Mondays) You can sign up to play either 9 holes or 18 holes and the Pro shop will post the tee times and groups in our online system. With the tourist season starting to get in full swing, the 18 hole play times will begin at 8:15 and then the 9 hole play times will follow. Any LGA member can sigh up for either time.

Kathy Curtis

The first day of Spring has finally arrived. As we begin dusting off our clubs that we put away because it has been too cold, hopefully, we will be getting out more on the course to work on improving our swing, our putts and that infamous bunker shot.

Our Snowbirds are starting their journey back to our wonderful OBX. We are happy to see them return. The LGA will officially start off their 2022 season on April 12th with their first Quarterly Meeting of the season. The signup sheet is up in the Pro Shop, so please stop by and sign up and plan on staying for the program and the luncheon.

I would once again like to extend an invitation to any women golfers, who currently don’t belong to the LGA, to sign up for our Quarterly and experience the camaraderie that the LGA has and hopefully join the LGA in the coming season.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at kpc04@gmail.com.

I look forward to seeing all of you on the Course.

Kathy Curtis

As you know, the ground hog saw his shadow on February 2nd, which means we should have 6 more weeks of winter. That would bring us to March 16th. Hopefully before then, we can all get out and enjoy some nice weather as we prepare for our LGA 2022 season to begin in April.

We would like to extend and invitation to any ladies who are golf members that don’t currently belong to the LGA to join us at our 1st Quarterly meeting on Tuesday, April 12th. The LGA is a fun and social group.
Our Quarterly meetings consist of 9 holes of golf (best ball), with teams that Aaron will create. This is followed by a brief meeting from the LGA that will share our thoughts and activities for the coming year that we feel will be exciting and interesting.

We then have lunch to further extend our fellowship and catch up with our snow birds who have returned. We hope that you will consider joining us for golf and then afterwards to join the LGA. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me and look for the sign up sheet in the pro shop after March 16th.

Kathy Curtis

January 2022 certainly was quick to make us forget the warm weather we celebrated in December 2021. With the high winds, and bone chilling temperatures, there wasn’t much golf played. Hopefully our Snow Birds are able to enjoy a little more golf than us still in OBX.

The new LGA board has met and is working diligently on creating an exciting 2022 program that we hope will be enjoyed by all current LGA members and one that will entice others to join.

Our official 2022 kickoff is in April and we are looking forward to an exciting year of golf. Look for more information as the time gets closer.

Stay warm and healthy.

Kathy Curtis

The ladies of the LGA would like to express their thanks and appreciation to outgoing president Cherri Wheeler for her guidance and leadership during her reign. Cherri is an inspiration to us all, both on the course and off.

On December 7th, 28 LGA members met to celebrate the holiday season with our “Jingle Bell” luncheon and gift ex-change. Once lunch concluded, we proceeded to the “gift” (white elephant) exchange. This involved a lot of laughs as some gifts were coveted and appropriately poached by others. A good time was had by all.

I would like to wish all our “Snow Birds” safe travels and to everyone a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

Kathy Curtis

Today I write my last article as the LGA president. It has been a privilege and honor to serve during this pandemic era. First, I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to the ladies who served with me these two years and those who helped with NewBees. Kathy Curtis, Diane Pokelwaldt, Tisa Head, Judi Flakowicz, Martha Furioni, Gloria Pokelwaldt, Betsy McCaughey, Sandy Feyrer, Robin Wyatt, Lynne Chase, Sally Lowe, Nancy Whaley, Barb Withycombe, Anita Frena, Cheri Cosgrove, Mary Kendrick, Donna Countryman, and Colleen Hummel.

Second, I’m happy to announce that the new board was duly elected at the November Quarterly. I believe the LGA is in good hands as Kathy Curtis, Tisa Head, Betty Bradley, Cheri Cosgrove, Connie Serafin, and Barbara Williams begin their tenure leading the LGA for the 2022 season. They will be filling the additional board slots in the coming weeks. If they ask you to serve, I hope you will consider it.

Finally, congratulations to Dorothy Green who is now a US citizen. The Bunker Bees celebrated her accomplishment in a red, white, and blue day on the golf course. See the photos below.

Thank you for your continued support to the LGA. May your holiday season be filled with much love and laughter.

Cherri Wheeler

Welcome to our newest Newbie Graduates who finished the program on October 15th. They played their final golf round as Newbies and came into the fire pit area with Pomp and Circumstances playing. The fourteen who graduated include Beth Blynt, Elisa Colkitt, Helen Czernik, Becky Harrell, Lola Hilton, Barbara Johnston, Grace Leon, Tammy McGraw, Maureen Montgomery, Connie Outten, Ella Rabil, Lainie Reed, Ann Rust, Jean Spencer, Beth Wadle, Bev Goldsmith, Deanna McDole, Ginny Merritt. Judi Flakowicz and Carol Riggins introduced the graduates to Bunker Bees where each one received a welcome bag of goodies. Thanks to the Professional Staff for continuing this incredible program. A big thank you to the mentors Colleen Hummel, Cheri Cosgrove, Mary Kendrick, and Donna Countryman for another successful year.

Please mark your calendars for November 9th for the last Quarterly of the 2021 season. Golf will begin at 9:00 am followed by the general meeting at 11:30 am and lunch. In this meeting we will elect the 2022 LGA Board.

Finally, mark your calendar for the Jingle Bell Luncheon, December 7 at 11:30 am social, followed by lunch and gift exchange. Gifts should be under $50, wrapped or bagged. The third owner of any gift will take it home. Also, as a suggestion from a member, we will be collecting non-perishable food items to take to the Beach Food Pantry following the luncheon. Please considering bringing some items to share with our neighbors who may still be struggling.

Hit ‘em long and straight

Cherri Wheeler

Finally, the heat is letting up as the days are getting noticeably shorter. Some of our members are beginning to think about the drive to Florida. Others are just glad we are getting back to normal with many of our visitors finally heading home.

We had a great season with record ladies playing multiple rounds per week. We crowned a new State Play Day winner in Barbie Lanman on one of the hottest and most humid days of the year. For all the ladies who played that day; thank you for sticking with it.

By the time this goes to print we will have hosted the Sea Scape ladies in a friendly; we are expecting 6 nine-hole ladies and 28 ladies playing 18 holes followed by a light lunch of sliders in the Bistro. If all goes well, we will all have a great time! Thank you, Tisa Head and Carol Blaha for organizing the event.

Mark your calendars for the fall quarterly November 9th and the Jingle Bell luncheon tentatively set for December 7th. Remember the November Board meeting will bring in a new slate of officers voted on by the membership, so this is an important meeting. The Jingle Bell luncheon is an opportunity to get in the holiday spirit with a gift exchange.  Watch for more information and sign-up coming soon.

As always, hit ‘em straight and hit ‘em long!

Cherri Wheeler

As the season winds down, it has been an incredible year with large numbers of ladies playing throughout the week. We will graduate another class of Newbees with over 20 ladies taking up golf. For the Power of Pink Quarterly, we had 31 ladies play in hot humid conditions. The team of Carnell Boyle, Kathy Curtis and Judi Flakowicz posted 33 and 3 teams posted 34. Well played ladies! The most exciting news is that the LGA raised $1,769 for the OBX Hospital’s Development Council who provides education and screening for uninsured and under insured people in Dare County.

The nominating committee presented a slate of officers for the 2021-2022 season, Chairwoman, Kathy Curtis; Assistant Chair/18-hole group, Cheri Cosgrove; Secretary, Betty Bradley; 9-hole chair, Tisa Head; Treasurer, Connie Serafin; Membership, Barbara Williams. In November, there may be nominations from the floor for any of these positions. If so, the person nominated must have agreed to serve. We will vote in our new officers in November, either by consent or paper ballot. Mark your calendar for the November Quarterly, November 9th.

Finally, watch your emails for the date and time for the Friendly with the Sea Scape LGA in September. Contact Carol Blaha or Tisa Head for more information. The Sea Scape ladies hosted us back in June and we had a marvelous time. Please consider joining us for a morning of golf and fellowship with ladies down the street.

Hit ‘em long, hit ‘em straight!

Cherri Wheeler

Summer may have been late this year, but she is here to stay with hot and humid days standard fare. For those who missed it, we had a great time the end of June over at Sea Scape playing with their newly formed LGA. We had 24 ladies from all our many groups play either 18-holes or 9-holes on a sister course just a few miles up Croatan Hwy. Nancy Dod, Sea Scape LGA President provided bags lunches for each player as well as bottled water. Rain caused a slight delay and made things much more humid, yet we did get off and had an awesome time and met some wonderful golfers, playing a delightful course. Please watch your email and the September article for the announcement of our hosting of the Sea Scape ladies in September. Tisa Head and Carol Blaha will be our hostesses for the event.

The big event coming up in August is our Power of Pink Quarterly, August 10th. This is our yearly fundraiser for Breast Cancer Awareness. We will again support our local OBX Hospital Development Council who provides screenings, counseling and support for breast cancer patients and survivors. We ask that each of you consider donating to this worthwhile local charity (suggested gift is $25, but please give as you feel appropriate for your family’s situation). Each team can buy tickets for one of our Golf Professionals to hit a shot for the team on #3 and #8. Your team will also get the opportunity to buy string to use on the putting surface to save a shot. (Example: your team has a 5-foot putt, it is your 4th shot, no one makes it, but one of you got within 4 inches of the hole, you may use 4 inches of your string and card a 4 on that hole. Tie a knot at the 4 inches point, that length of string is no longer available for use.). You can continue to use the string until you finish nine-holes, or all the string has been used. No refunds on unused string! All proceeds from the string and tickets for the Pro’s shots on #3 and #8 go directly to the Development Council. As normal we will be playing a Super Ball tournament with a 9:00 am shot gun start followed by a short business meeting and lunch at 11:30 am. By the way last year, we raised over $1100; hopefully, we can break that record giving year. Checks can be written to the LGA noting the Power of Pink in the memo or you may write your check directly to the OBX Hospital Development Council. There will be an envelope in the ladies’ locker room in which to place checks (to either organization), Sandy will collect all proceeds and send to the Development Council after the event with a letter from the LGA.

An important piece of business will be presented to the membership regarding the LGA leadership for 2021-2022 season. The nominating committee will present a slate of officers that they have spent the last quarter “wining and dining.” In November, we will vote on the slate and any nominations from the floor. If you have been contacted by the nominating committee, I hope you will give considered thought to serving next year.

Please stay hydrated on the course, hit them straight and enjoy golf among our guests who are spending money at DWCC.

Cherri Wheeler

Golfing continues at Duck Woods as we move into the heat of the summer our Tuesday Play Day will begin at 8:30 for the 18-hole group with a 9:00 start time for the 9-hole group. These tee-times will continue through August. I spoke to Aaron, our Club Professional, and he will be placing a buffer of a couple of tee-times in front of both groups to ensure the pace of play will not see another extremely slow round for either group.

The LGA enjoyed a nice day of golf with our Quarterly on June 8th. We welcomed more members with Leslie Regan, Susan Lang, Wanda Salmon and Ginger Webster and returning member Arlene Weeks, welcome ladies. We enjoyed a great lunch with the biggest brownies I’ve ever seen. We voted to postpone the Ladies Invitational in September this year. Many reasons went into this decision, and we hope the new board will be able to get the sponsors needed in January of next year so we can again host the premier event. The winners of the golf portion of the day went to the team of Carnell Boyle, Kathy Curtis, Betty Bradley, and Cheri Cosgrove who shot a 35. Congratulations ladies!

I appointed Nonie Booth to chair the nominating committee for this upcoming board. She has enlisted Sue Mortensen and Connie Serafin to recruit a new board for the LGA. Please consider serving on the board this next year. None of the positions require a ton of work and you will find it quite rewarding.

The Member/Member was held on June 15 the overall Low Gross team for the 18-hole league was Cherri Wheeler and Anna Ruspa with an 84, overall Low Net team was Diane Rohan and Kathleen Christiansen with a 71. For the 9-hole league the overall Low Gross team was Patrice Dwyer and Sue Mortensen with a 43, overall Low Net team was Sally Hotchkiss and Betsey McCaughey with a 34, and Second Net team was Colleen Hummel and Carol Riggin with a 37. Closest to the pins winners #3 Betty Bradley, #8 Sharon Kingston, #11 Diane Pokelwaldt, and #17 Kathleen Christiansen. (So sorry I forgot to get photos!)

Finally, a reminder that the Combo Tees are not yet rated. If you are posting scores for your handicap, you must play the same tees throughout the round. If you start on the Green Tees on your first hole, that is the tee you must use throughout the round. If you start on the Gold Tees (blue sticks) then you will play the Gold Tees for your entire round. Please note on the front nine, #3, #5, and #8 holes are the same Tees (which are the Green tees). On the back nine, only hole #11 is the same Tee (Green tee). If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask a board member or a member of the Professional Staff.

Stay hydrated, wear sunscreen and may all your shots go as you visualized

Cherri Wheeler

May continued to be seasonally cooler than in years past; yet the Bunker Bees were out in force golfing and enjoying adult beverages in the clubhouse afterward. They are now our largest participating group in the LGA.

Mid-May also brought a new group of Newbee golfers. Pictured below is the 7th Class of Newbees since this program began in 2015. Ladies starting or re-starting their golf game are Beth Blynt, Elisa Colkitt, Angela Culbertson, Helen Czernik, Becky Harrell, Lola Hilton, Barbara Johnston, Gracie Leon, Tammy McGraw, Maureen Montgomery, Connie Outten, Ella Rabil, Lainie Reed, Susan Rhew, Ann Rust, Lisa Schulz, Jean Spencer, and Beth Wadle. If you see any of these ladies around the club, introduce yourself and offer them encouragement as they embark on their golfing journey. A big thank you to Aaron Palen, our Golf Professional and his staff for continuing this awesome program and our four coordinators who are mentoring this year’s Newbee class, Colleen Hummel, Cheri Cosgrove, Mary Kendrick, and Donna Countryman.

FYI, the 2021/2022 Golf, Greens and Grounds (3G) committee continues to have 3 LGA members, Sally Lowe who is honchoing the grounds beautification sub-committee, Judi Flakowicz, and I. If you have any concerns regarding golfing issues or grounds on the course or around the club, please reach out to any of us so we can take it to our club leadership.

One big issue that was discussed in the May meeting dealt with the practice area and the fairways. The issue is members and guests not taking time to repair divots. (A divot is any damage caused to the grass by a player on the course or practice area; most often by the club making contact with the turf.) The DWCC provides sand bottles on the powered carts and for your pushcart, these have zip ties attached so they may hang from your pushcart. If your pushcart is like my new one, it doesn’t have a knob to hold the sand bottle; so I went to Home Depot (okay, Wade went on my behalf) and picked up a “S” hook with a clip on one end of the “S” so it will stay secured to my bag and an open end to make it easy to hang the sand bottle (We may have removed the clip of the other side of the “S”). My point is everyone should take a sand bottle with you when you play the course; even if you never make a divot, you can help repair other’s divots that were not repaired. This helps the course quickly heal itself and keeps the fairways pristine for the summer. Please make every effort to fix divots, it’s our course and this is our way of ensuring its good condition all year, plus it is part of golf etiquette!

If you have any suggestions or concerns about women’s golf at DWCC, don’t hesitate to contact myself or any board member. I hope to see you on the course soon and getting in some rounds (both golf and adult beverages).

Cherri Wheeler