The North Carolina winter wouldn’t let go in mid-April for our first Quarterly so only the die-hard or crazy ladies (26 of us) played golf anyway. Because of the 20+ mph winds out of the north it was decided we would play from the Gold Tees. For many, a totally different course. All six teams had good showings even with the wind and cold. The team of Carnell Boyle, Lolita McKenna, Joanne Small, and Pat Smith and the team of Cherri Wheeler, Emily Ausband, Lynn Chase and Barbara Williams tied with the score of one under 35. Everyone was glad to get in the Club house for a hot beverage and lunch.

Our membership is down from this time last year. We have lost a few ladies due to health and a few who have left the club for a variety of reasons. Please encourage those ladies who are playing in our different groups to join the LGA. Dues are only $20 per year and allows members to play in the member/member where last year we had enough teams playing that we were able to have flights in both the 9-hole and 18-hole groups. We paid out an over-all winner gross and net and each flight net winners for both groups as well as closest to the pins on the par 3s.

Start thinking about your partner for this year’s member/member tournament schedule for June 15th. Last year was the first year the member/member was played using both Green and Gold tees and we need to make some adjustments in the Super Ball Captain’s choice format. As always you and your partner should be within 10 strokes handicap of each other (using both Green and Gold Tees if necessary). However, regardless of the tees used, each player will be required to use 7 drives (not counting par 3s) for the 18-hole group and 3 drives each (again, not counting par 3s) for the nine-hole group. This should “level the playing field” for all and require good strategy along the way as teams navigate the course.

Thank you to all who came out to help out with sprucing up the grounds around the front of the Club and the Cart Barn. It took a couple of false starts to get the mulch and grass to the Club for the volunteers to “get ‘er done.” The LGA and MGA members gave up a Saturday and/or Sunday to give the club a better curb appeal for potential new members, thanks again. You are the best!

Remember, we are back to racking bunkers, please place the rakes back into the bunker on the low side after cleaning up after your bunker shot. Also, remember to sand your divots in the fairway and fix ball marks on the green. If everyone will fix their scarring on the course and a couple of extras each hole it will benefit us all later in the season. Also, we are now turning in score cards, so please remember to hand in a signed score card after each round and of course post your score on the same day as you play when feasible.

The season is off to a cold start so far, yet Eastern North Carolina always provides its share of hot and humid days. As the days warm up, please remember to drink, drink, drink… water! Stay hydrated, wear sunscreen and hit ‘em long and straight!

See you on the course!

Cherri Wheeler

The weather has not cooperated much in March for Tuesday play days, yet we have had a good showing of ladies playing on the days the weather has been decent. Pictured below is a group shot of the Bunkers Bees after a beautiful afternoon of golf followed by a time of fellowship around the fire pit. As you can see the Bunker Bees is the group of women who is on the golf course when the weather cooperates. It seems the golf is the reason they gather, the wine and laughter afterwards are why they keep coming back.

As you know the Ladies Golf Association (LGA) is an optional organization in which the lady golfers at Duck Woods collectively have a voice in golf operations. Our dues are $20 per year and are due now. Sandy Feyrer is our treasurer and would be grateful if we would get our dues in soonest. If you are like me, and don’t remember if you paid your 2021 dues, send an email to Sandy at she can let you know your status. If you need to pay, there is an envelope in the Ladies’ Lock Room to place a check or smaller envelopes to enclose cash and your name then put in the dues envelope.
Please mark your calendars, for the first quarterly of the season on Tuesday, April 13, 2021. We have no idea what the latest meeting guidelines will be by then or who will be comfortable, after vaccinations, to join us for the meal and meeting; but life marches on and we intend to play golf and conduct the business of the LGA. A sign-up will be posted in the Pro Shop soon. You will be able to tell us your desire for golf and food (dine in or take out). I’m praying for good weather, fun golf, and sweet fellowship. It has been a long winter of no golf for me due to family responsibilities in Texas. Let’s kick off the season with a good showing of golfers.
Remember, to post your scores after play (preferably on the day you play). If you do not have a GHIN account, the Pro Shop staff can help you establish one. I understand that we will return to turning in our score cards after rounds again as well as being able to post in the Pro Shop very soon.
Hit ’em straight and enjoy time on our awesome course and in our beautiful clubhouse.

Cherri Wheeler

Ladies, as you know through a recent email the club is looking to add Combination Tee options for both men and women golfers. Allow me to explain a bit further the concept.

Now that ladies have two choices of tees to play, Green and Gold, the golf committee is looking at adding a third choice which would combine the use of both Green and Gold Tee boxes. The committee is asking your input on which holes are the most problematic for ladies playing the green tees. Which holes consistently ruin a “good” round for most ladies.

What the combo tees would do for lady golfers is allow those wishing to continue to play the Green Tees to play the Gold Tees on the designated “combo tee” holes for a shorter drive. The course would be handicapped for that option and when you post a score you would use “combo” tees or some such heading to keep your handicap accurate. On those selected holes women wishing to play the combo tees would move to the Gold Tee box to tee off on the designated holes.

Carnell Boyle suggested holes 1, 4, & 7 on the front nine and 14, 16 & 18 on the back, with possibly adding #2 & #15, both challenging holes. I agree, these 8 holes represent the most consistently problematic holes for most ladies. Judi Flakowicz is collecting the inputs for the LGA. The more ideas the LGA membership provides the better decision the Golf Committee can make.

I personally like this idea as a way to continue to challenge our membership yet give options that allow for the most pleasurable golfing experience. We just need to know which are the most challenging holes for the majority of lady golfers. Some of you may have other suggestions and we need to hear them soonest.

Please contact Judi or I with suggestions or if you have more questions about having Lady Combo Tees.

Happy golfing as the weather improves in March. Hope to join you soon.

Cherri Wheeler

Duck Woods Country Club news

Though we are quickly approaching February 2021 there has still been much golf enjoyed in the New Year. The 9-hole, Bunker Bee and 18-hole ladies have been on the course as weather has permitted. Yes, ladies are bundling up and hitting the links. The Bunker Bees have averaged 17 players each outing since the beginning of December. They are still living up to their nineteenth hole reputation with a lot of ladies staying for Irish Coffee after! As always if anyone wants to play 9 holes with them on Mondays and/or Thursdays at 1:00 just email Judi Flakowicz at

Tuesdays, the ladies have a standing block of tee-times starting at 10:00 during the winter months. Sign-ups for Tuesday play should be made to Tisa Head at or Kathy Curtis at They need to know if you desire to play 9 or 18 holes on Tuesday and if you want to be mixed with ladies from the other group or not. Sign up with these ladies by Sunday afternoon so they can get the tee-times and pairings out by Monday afternoon. When weather cooperates, we are averaging 7-10 ladies on Tuesdays.

For those who have weather or time constraints and only wish to play 9 holes, contact either Judi or Tisa, emails above, and they will add you to their respective group emails. For those wishing to play 18 holes on Monday, Wednesday, and/or Friday, contact me, Cherri Wheeler at and she will set up tee-times a bit later than what is currently slated for February. The 8:45 am time meets with frost delays, so I’ll work with the Pro Shop staff to make those tee times a bit later. Let me know who is interested.

Finally, if the weather is a bit too cold and wet for your golfing tastes, yet you wish to continue to work on your game I can commend to you Aaron’s “YouTube” videos of type of shots and other suggestions to improve your game, even in the off season. Staying active, stretching and even walking helps as well; spring is just around the corner.

Though I may not be golfing due to responsibilities in Texas right now; I hope you are still out there hitting the ball, getting some exercise and some most needed fellowship with other ladies. Please continue to take care of your- selves and look out for one another. These are trying days ahead with this pandemic and our responses to it.

Hit ‘em long and straight and may they always avoid the sand and water.

Cherri Wheeler

Duck Woods Country Club news

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of light, it was the season of darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair.” Charles Dickens wrote those words to open his A Tale of Two Cities, yet he could very well have written them about the year 2020.

As I look back on 2020, I remember the ladies’ golf season was to begin with a St Patrick’s Day play day; 40+ ladies signed up for a fun spirited day of golf, pots of gold and a limerick or two. It was also the day business closings began. To my knowledge the St Patrick’s Day golf and lunch was the last time our friend Marty Batsel enjoyed our company. Marty lost her battle with cancer on May 24th.

We experienced our first quarterly meeting via email in April (before the common use of Zoom and Goggle meets came on the scene). As the temperatures warmed more ladies began golfing with more regularity. By the June quarterly we played golf and had an in-person meeting with a few staying for lunch. More ladies were able to return from their winter residences and things began to look more “normal.” In August our quarterly had more ladies participating in golf as friendships renewed on the course and we raised a record amount of money with the Power of Pink fundraiser. Golf really became our only social endeavor, so most made every effort to make our many standing tee times. We closed out with the golf year with the first annual Waggle Awards at our November quarterly held around the fire pit and the largest NewBee graduation ever with 19 new lady golfers.

It is easier to think of 2020 as the worst of times, yet I hope as we get some distance from all that has taken place, we remember the drive by birthday parties, the new grand and great grandchildren born, the meals delivered, the small and large examples of humanity at its best. And may we look to 2021 with hope and anticipation. I think my New Year’s resolutions in 2021 will be more in line with being kinder to those I encounter, to reach out more to family members and friends, to be part of solutions and not part of the problems that plaque our communities. That I will endeavor to follow more closely the tenants of my faith and be a good neighbor each and every day. I hope you too will find a way in 2021 to be the best you, you can be and enjoy life to the fullest. May 2021 be the “best of times” for you and your family.


As the 2020 season quickly comes to an end, we have enjoyed unseasonably warm weather in November which allowed for a lot of golf. We had a great turn out for the November Quarterly with 24 golfers and a few more for the meeting and the presentation of the 1st Annual Waggle Awards.

The 2020 Waggle Award winners are:

Beach DivaKathy SanbornCarol Blaha
GroundskeeperBetsy Irwin-McCaugheyCherri Wheeler
Golf Barbie (Fashionista)Betty BradleyDeb Peery & Jeanne Harris
All-Weather GolferTisa HeadGail Reynolds
Dead-Eye Pattie (Best Putter)Mary Ahearn / Lynne ChaseCarnell Boyle
Range RoverCheri CosgroveRobin Wyatt
Best Ball SkipperTony JoynerDiane Pokelwaldt
Best CheerleaderJudi FlakowiczKathleen Christiansen
WAC Golfer (left, right, left)Lolita McKennaKathy Curtis
19th Hole Heroine The Bunker BeesNiecey Moore

The 2021 board was elected at the November meeting who include, Cherri Wheeler as the President; Kathy Curtis, 18-hole chair; Tisa Head, 9-hole chair; Diane Pokelwaldt, Secretary, and Sandy Feyrer, Treasurer/Membership.

Sandy is collecting dues for the 2021 season. The dues will again be $20; checks may be made out to the DWCC-LGA and placed in the envelope on the bulletin board in the locker room. If you have changes to your contact information, please make changes on the forms located on the bulletin board. If you are paying with cash, please place the cash in the small envelopes provided and put your name on the envelope, place it in the large envelope. Sandy checks the dues envelope on regular intervals during the week. The deposit will not happen until the first of the year.

This year we will forego the Jingle Bell Luncheon and gift ex- change due to the current health concerns. Hopefully, this tradition will resume in 2021.

Thank you for a great year of golf. My hope for you and your families is a joyful holiday season!
Cherri Wheeler