May is here and the 2022 Golf Season is in full swing. On April 29th The Ringer competition began. This is a full season game that requires you to post an 18 hole score after April 29th on your card in the Men’s Locker room. If you don’t have a ringer card in the rack, see Aaron and get started. Once you post your 18 hole score then you may update your card as you get better scores on any hole. Don’t just post your birdies. Make sure you have a score posted for each hole or your card will be disqualified at the end of the season. If you have any questions please ask Aaron or me and we will square you away. By the way we have decided to pre Flight this competition so you will be competing with guys closer to your skill level.

Get your match play partners lined up and sign up for the 2022 Four Ball Championship (Team Match Play). Registration closes for this tournament on May 15th at 6PM. This is an exciting competition. Don’t miss out on this year’s championship. Finals are to be completed by July 31st. More details will be sent to each of the MGA members. Sign up in the Pro Shop.

Remember our golf etiquette at all times on the course. Fill your divots, watch your pace of play, pick up broken and discarded tees. Be courteous to others and have a blast at Duck Woods. See you around the course.

Dave Roberts

2022 Scott B. Anthony Youth Golf Grant

2022 Scott B. Anthony Youth Golf GrantBlake Austin, a Junior at First Flight High School, accepts a new set of Calloway golf clubs and, a personalized Golf bag purchased with proceeds from the 2022 Dr. Scott B. Anthony Golf Grant. Blake will also receive two golf lessons from the Duck Woods Golf Professional Staff as part of the grant. Pictured left to right are: Mr. Dave Roberts, Duck Woods MGA Board Member, Blake Austin, and Mr. Aaron Palen, Duck Woods Head Golf Professional. Blake is currently participating in his second year on First Flight’s golf team.

This grant is established by the Anthony family in memory of Dr. Scott B. Anthony, a retired orthopedic surgeon and former Duck Woods member. The purpose of the award is to promote the values and enjoyment which are part of the game of golf among local youth. This is the sixth year the grant has been awarded by the Duck Woods Men’s Golf Association to an aspiring golfer in attendance at one of our local High Schools.

Grant applications are provided annually to the Duck Woods Men’s Golf Association by the Athletic Directors and Golf Coaches at First Flight, Manteo and Currituck County High Schools. Candidates include both male and female aspiring golfers.

Duck Woods Country Club is the only full-service private country club on the Outer Banks. Duck Woods boasts a PGA Head Golf Professional and a USPTA Director of Tennis. The meticulously manicured 18-hole golf course, designed by Ellis Maples, opened for play June 8, 1969.  It has been rated one of the Best Places to Play by Golf Digest Magazine and named an “official PGA Family Golf Course” by the PGA of America and U.S. Kids Golf. For more information about the club or membership please contact the Club at 252-261-2744 or by e-mail at

The greens are recovering nicely from aerification, and the tee boxes and fairways are starting to turn that lush green. For a golfer, those are welcome signs of spring. For members of the MGA, it also means the start of our season.

In April, we have our season opener currently scheduled for Saturday, April 30th with a 9am shotgun start. The format this year is one that hasn’t been done in a while, the Florida Scramble (a.k.a one man out). This variation involves golfers whose ball was selected after each stroke to sit out the following stroke (all four players always tee off). For example: John, Dave, Mike, and Tim all tee off. The team selects Dave’s drive, he sits out the second stroke and John, Mike, and Tim hit their second shots from that position. The team then picks Mike’s shot, and John, Tim, and Dave hit their third shots from there. Sign up as a team or if you want to meet and play with new players, you can sign up individually. Come join us for the golf, food, and fun!

Also, April begins the MGA Ringers season. A card with your name on it will be placed in the timecard slots on the wall in the men’s locker room. Throughout the season (until the end of September), record your best GROSS score on each hole. If you don’t see a card with your name, please contact the pro shop to sign up (only $5). Flighted winners will be announced after the season ending Tommy Wine event.

Coming in future months is the start of the annual two-man match play, MGA Member-Member, and the MGA shootout. More details to come in the near future.

If you have any questions about the MGA, please contact any member of the MGA Executive Committee, Ed Kitchen, David Ahearn, Dave Roberts, or Ralph Deger. See you on the course!

Dave Roberts

As we enter March we are getting excited for Spring and the beginning of golf season. The MGA has 6 tournaments during the season to look forward to. The first tournaments begin at the very end of April. The ringer card starts April 29th and The MGA Open is on April the 30th. Mark the dates and look for tournament details later in March.

If you are not an MGA member, sign up. The fee is $15.00 per year. In addition you need to establish a handicap. Getting a handicap couldn’t be easier. Just let Aaron know that you would like to join the MGA and establish a handicap. He will help you set up an account in the handicap system; upload the ghin app for your phone so you can post your scores; then play golf and enter your scores.

If you are a member of the MGA, invite your friends that are not members to join and help them set up their ghin app. By the way if you are a member and plan to participate in the tournaments make sure you are keeping your handicap up to date. Keep an accurate score when you are playing with someone, sign your scorecard, enter your score in the ghin system and turn your card into the pro shop. We are trying to make sure that all of our competitions are fair. We want players at all levels to be confident that they have an opportunity to compete and be rewarded for their good efforts.

Despite the impact of Covid on the community, the MGA had a banner year of in 2021 and we are looking forward to an even better year in 2022. The MGA board is currently finalizing plans for tournament play in 2022. Last year the MGA board slightly increased the tournament fees to give us a positive cash flow and allow us to help fund improvements to the course. We raised $1000 and will continue that practice in 2022.

A focus for 2022 will be improving player handicap logging. Many golfers will not log a round if it is an unusually high (or low) score because it is not reflective or their “normal” play. Throughout the coming season the MGA and the pro staff will be encouraging players to log all of their rounds to provide a uniform baseline for handicapping tournaments.

The MGA is currently accepting applications from Dare and Currituck County high school AD’s and golf coaches for the Scott B. Anthony Golf Grant. The grant is funded by the Anthony family and provides new golf equipment plus lessons from Aaron to the nominee chosen by the MGA board. The winner will be selected in the next few weeks.

The weather has been rough lately but occasionally there is a playable day. Throw some handwarmers in your windshirt pockets and get out there.

See you on the course!

The MGA Board would like to thank all of the members for a great season. Starting with the season opening event (the Lone Wolf Challenge) through the completion with the annual Tommy Wine event, we ended up having over 50 different members participate at least one event. In addition to participation, we donated a lot of time and money (over $1000) to club improvements from landscaping to golf needs.

We also had a positive growth of approximately 25 new members. Part of this was from our marketing promotion where both first time MGA members and new club golf level members received a sleeve of MGA logoed Callaway Soft golf balls.

With over 110 current MGA members, one of the 2022 goals of the MGA board is to increase participation in events. We would like everyone’s feedback, so in early January please keep an eye out for email with a survey link. We encourage every MGA member to take the 5 minutes to fill this out so the board can see what can be done to better meet the needs of the MGA members.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable holiday season and the weather is warm enough for all of us to get a few rounds in.

Dave Roberts

2021 was filled with excellent competition across all of the MGA tournaments. Thanks to the hard work of our professional staff, we never felt like we were in the middle of a pandemic. Carts were cleaned and charged up ready for the next day’s play. We would like to thank Aaron and the rest of his staff for the excellent support we all received all season long not only on tournament days but every day.

We would also like to thank our MGA members for their participation in our events. In addition to having fun competing and winning in our tournaments you have enabled the MGA to donate approximately $1,000 to the golf committee for course improvements.

Your board for 2022 is Ralph Deger, Dave Ahearn, Dave Roberts, and Ed Kitchen. As we go through the winter let us know how we can improve our events for the upcoming season. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Ed Kitchen, President

Congratulations to our 2021 Match Play winners, Lou Fedele and Wade Wheeler. Lou and Wade prevailed over Gary Hall and Frank Tuminello on the final hole of the match. Gary and Frank took second place while Chris Rohan and Dan Dwyer won third place. This was a great tournament that took all summer to compete in and complete. There were many close, hard fought and exciting matches. In order to win this tournament, competitors have to play through their divisions then move on to semifinals and finals. I am looking forward to next year’s competition.
I would like to thank all of the guys that participated in our MGA tournaments this year as well as your input into the MGA activities and we look forward to the 2022 season.
If you are not a member of the MGA, sign up in the pro shop. The MGA has six tournaments that are designed to be competitive for every level of play. We use the GHIN handicap system that levels the playing field for all involved. In addition to having fun, we take a small portion of the fees collected to give back to our club to enhance the playing experience. So come out and enjoy the comradery and good times.

Ed Kitchen, President

Congratulations to Lou Fedele for an exciting win in the 2021 MGA Shootout! Lou edged out Wade Wheeler on a beautiful Saturday in September. Guys we have the Tommy Wine Tournament to look forward to the 30th of October. Let’s finish the year strongly.

Keep updating your Ringer cards as we will find out this year’s winners at the annual MGA meeting after the Tommy Wine competition. Thank you all for stepping up to help out our professional staff. So many guys have been sanding the range, picking golf balls and cleaning carts. Please keep up your efforts as we are helping to keep our course in great shape.

Ed Kitchen, President

Divisional Match Play is complete and the top two teams from each division has entered bracket play with the winner being decided by the first week of September. Congratulations to all the teams that made it to bracket play.

Rounds to qualify for the shootout are still being accepted. The current low net score is 65 with 11 players submitting scorecards. The Shootout will be held September 18th and has room for 18 players. Get those rounds submitted for consideration.

If you are participating in the Ringer card program, continue to fill out those cards with your best score on a hole (with scorecards submitted to the pro shop). The lowest ringer score will be announced at the lunch after the MGA Tommy Wine tournament on October 30th.

Hope to see everyone on the course!

Dave Roberts, MGA Secretary

For those MGA members who did not play in the July 16-17 Member/Member Tournament, you missed a fun event. Fifteen two-men teams played in the two day event. The first day was a Captains choice, followed by a modified alternate shot round the next. The winners were: Champions – Hank Mollenhouer/Gary Hall; second, Evan Becker/Matt Coleman; third, Lou Fedele/Dennis Crawford; fourth, Jim Braithwaite/Hunter Braithwaite; fifth, Ricky Gorham/Bill Gorham; and sixth, John Mercer/Henry Ezzell. Closest-to-the-hole winners on all the par threes were Rickham, Jan Flakowicz, Matt Coleman, Larry Czernick, Hank Mollenhouer, Ken Kelly, Gary Hall and Henry Ezzell. Congrats gentleman!

Discouraging news… only 30 players of the 137 MGA membership participated. The MGA Executive Committee would love to hear back from you on what kind of tournament or date of tournament or day of tournament would entice you to come out and play. If you have any comments or suggestions, please send a short email to either:

Ed Kitchen (
Dave Ahearn (
Dave Roberts (
Curt Baskette (

And lastly, if you are participating in Ringer competition, be sure to keep entering your best scores on each hole… do not leave any hole blank. And if you are in the Shootout, be sure you turn in your signed score card to the Pro Shop with your best Net score. Be sure and tell them that you want the card you are turning in to be included in the Shootout. The top 18 scores are posted on the bulletin board of the Pro Shop, so you can see what net score you need to break into the top 18 who will qualify for the Shootout on September 18th.

Curt Baskette

It’s July, and golf is in full swing! Match Play has begun. Those that are participating don’t forget that scheduling your matches is up to you. Give Aaron at least a day to prepare your scorecard for your match. Give Aaron the results of your match once it’s complete. Don’t forget for handicap purposes if your match ends before 18 holes are completed and you don’t finish 18, take par plus your handicap strokes for each hole you did not complete to calculate your final score. Enter your scores the same day you play so your handicap will stay current throughout the tournament.

The shootout competition has begun. Bring your lowest round scorecard into the pro shop and say you want it to count toward the shootout. Keep improving throughout the season.

The Member-Member tournament is on the 16th and 17th of this month. Get a partner and sign up now in the pro shop. Two days of friendly competition, food and prizes!

Ringer cards are in the men’s locker room. Keep them up to date. If you would like to get into the ringer competition let Aaron know. So many ways to compete and have fun in the MGA. If you are not a member… Join! Let Aaron know you want to be part of a group of guys that likes to play golf and that does something for your club. We are taking a small part of the entry fees and dues and giving it to the club to make our already wonderful club even better. Join and be part of the decision making as to what we do for the club at the end of the season.

Speaking about our beautiful club, we want to keep it that way. Let’s get back to the common golf disciplines necessary to keep our course one of the top courses in the area. Fill your divots and those of others that didn’t. Use the rakes provided and smooth out sand traps and replace the rake in the trap. Be courteous to other golfers and play efficiently. Don’t be a drag on time of play. Have fun, play often and encourage those around you.

Ed Kitchen

The temperatures are finally beginning to warm up, rain’s bringing much needed water to the area (maybe a little too much) and the Bermuda fairways and practice tees beginning to take off. Golf conditions at the DW should be back at our normal great standards… except… except for divots which haven’t been filled with sand. Scars which will take longer to fill because golfers, tourists and members alike, didn’t make the effort to repair what they damaged. Divots are a given, but not filling divots with sand shouldn’t be. If you ride in a mobile cart, sand bottles are at your side. If you push a cart, sand bottles should be attached to your cart or bag. Some say their bag or cart does not have a place to hang a sand bottle. Well, all you have to do is get a C-clamp or some other simple device to hang a bottle. But if you can’t do that, next time you play golf, ask one of the Golf Staff and they will give you one, FREE. There is… no excuse in you not doing your part in keeping our course in the best condition possible. And not only fill your divots, but fill as many others as you can as you venture down the fairways. Hit’em long, hit’em straight, and fill those divots.

Curt Baskette