Come join us! The Newbees is a ladies’ golf group for those who are new to golf or are just getting back into it. No experience is needed. The goal is to learn a bit of golf in a FUN and relaxed environment with NO pressure!

Our golf pro, Aaron Palen, has graciously offered to vol- unteer his time in helping the Newbees get acclimated to golf. The $10 participation fee, payable at our Kickoff meeting on May 4th, will get you a summer of learning golf basics, making new friends, and having lots of fun!

For those with DWCC social memberships (non-golf memberships) come and try Newbees to see if golf is for you. You may participate in all Newbees clinics at no charge beyond the initial $10 participation fee. Any New- bees play on the course would be charge at the 9-hole guest fee rate. We’re hoping you enjoy golf so much that you end up switching to a golf membership!

I received a list from last year’s coordinators with the names of those that had expressed an interest previously and those on the list should have received a notification that you were added to the Newbees 2021 group. If you have not gotten that notification, please feel free to call or e-mail me…Colleen Hummel 703-395-0133…and I will add you to the group.

We are excited to begin a new class of Newbees! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. See you on May 4th!

Colleen Hummel 

Mary Kendrick

Cheri Cosgrove

Donna Countryman

Come join us for our 2021 Junior Sports Camp!
Enjoy Golf, Swimming, Tennis, and Pickleball!

The dates are as follows for camp:
July 5th-9th / August 2nd-6th

Children: Ages 5-13
Cost: Individual: $175 Per Week / Two or more: $160 Per Week
Time: 9:00am – 1:00pm

Junior Sports Camp is open to children of members and members grandchildren. 50 children per camp allowed.

Please contact Erica in the office to sign up at 252-261-2744

March is here and there is a little more information to share regarding the Newbees Golf program. If you are thinking about learning to golf, JUST DO IT! Our first meeting will be the first week of May (day and time TBD) at the club house and we will have lessons once a week from then until the end of September. The cost will be $10 for the entire 20 week program. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn to play golf.

At our first meeting, we will go over everything you need to know before you attend the first lesson. We will meet each other, talk about the program and answer any questions you might have. We even go over what to wear, and no, you don’t need to buy golf clubs, golf shoes or any special clothes! Although, there are a lot of cute outfits out there…

This is what you need to know:

  1. You don’t have to have a golf membership to join us. Social members are welcome and encouraged to come. The pro shop even has clubs you can borrow.
  2. We will meet outside in the lower level of the clubhouse near the Pro Shop.
  3. Lessons will be an hour long.
  4. After our lesson, there is usually a non-mandatory but highly recommended “Happy Hour” in the porch outside the Bistro!
  5. It’s a great, cheap way to have fun learning golf and meeting other club members.
  6. We have four coordinators, Colleen Hummel, Mary Kendrick, Cheri Cosgrove and Donna Countryman working with our Golf Pro, Aaron Palen.

Our contact information:

Colleen Hummel 

Mary Kendrick

Cheri Cosgrove

Donna Countryman

Duck Woods Country Club news


Are you a golf widow? Have you ever thought about trying the game of golf but it was too intimidating or too expensive? Do you enjoy being outside and getting a bit of exercise? Are you a new Duck Woods member and would like to meet some amazing ladies and gain loads of new friends? Would you like to spend more time with your husband sharing a common interest? If any or all of these apply, have we got a deal for you!

Carol Riggin, having moved to Southern Shores and having joined Duck Woods, addressed these concerns when she started the NEWBEES GOLF program in October 2014. This program is designed for ladies who have never played before and don’t know the first thing about golf. Of course, those of you that may have played years ago or have just a tiny bit of experience are also welcome!

This program has become so popular that last year over 30 women signed up! Unfortunately, COVID19 hit and the starting date was delayed. In June, it was determined that the program could be safely started. There were twenty brave souls willing to move forward and all of our NEWBEES GOLF gatherings were held outdoors with required social distancing. There were two sessions of ten women each once a week. That being said, let’s hope we won’t have to go to those extremes this year! Keep an eye out for more information to come in the next months through the Duck Woods Country Club Newsletter and WADWCC.

My name is Colleen Hummel and my email is…feel free to contact me if you have any questions that I can hopefully answer for you! There are four of us ladies that “graduated” from NEWBEES this past year that will help coordinate the program in 2021. We will introduce ourselves in more detail in the coming months.

Another season of NewBees Golf is drawing to a close. As with so many things this year, NewBees Golf faced some unique challenges due to COVID19. We originally had over 30 ladies signed up to participate in this wonderful program. But then lightning hit when the “Stay Home, Stay Safe” policy kicked in. Our initial start date of April 1 came and went as we navigated through the novel virus.

Finally in June, after groups of ten people were allowed to gather outdoors, we cautiously considered the situation. We polled our group of thirty interested ladies, and found a smaller group of twenty brave souls willing to move forward. All of our gatherings were outdoors, and we practiced the required social distancing. We also limited our sessions to a total of ten people outside. This resulted in having two sessions instead of one. In addition, we decided to limit our sessions to once a week rather than twice a week. Although our group was split, we were able to receive more personal attention from Duane, our fearless leader. We quickly became a closely knit group. The ladies from both groups always stayed after for drinks on the patio. Some of the ladies from the second group came early to join the ladies from the first group for drinks. Since the coordinators were often there for both sessions, we sometimes had to implore our husbands to pick us up afterwards!! Duane often joined us and regaled us with golf stories, daring adventures and tales from Hawaii. Although he has yet to entertain us with a hula dance as promised!

We learned about pars, bogies and double bogies (not so much about birdies and eagles). We covered FIST, hitting over the water and finding lost balls. We have grown to love, or maybe hate, those drivers, irons and putters. But most of all, we have come to enjoy this difficult, frustrating, exhilarating game of golf. It just takes a perfect weather day on the course or just one great hit to get you hooked all over again.

In 2020, in spite of the virus, we had our largest graduating class ever!! Congratulations to our esteemed graduates. Hit them long and hit them straight!!

Ginger Webster
Camille Miller
Elizabeth Morey
Kathy Sweeny
Holly Pembroke
Wanda Salmon
Cheri Cosgrove
Liz Brauer
Mary Kendrick
Andrea Mahoney
Donna Countryman
Betts Groff

Dixie Kirby
Jann Koch
Carol Noonan
Quinn Myers
Christine Frena
Colleen Hummel
Heidi McShea
Anita Frena
Nancy Whaley
Barb Withycombe

We don’t know the future holds, but we plan on starting up our next NewBees group this coming spring. Keep an eye on the newsletter for details on the next session.