In March we suffered the loss of 3 kitchen staff members, which caused us to reduce food service for members. Efforts are underway to rebuild the kitchen team and 2 cooks have been hired. Every effort is being made to restore member dining options. In the interim, a snack bar menu including hot and cold food items has been offered and the Bistro bar has operated during normal hours for the most part. I am proud of how our staff has pulled together to manage through these stressful times. I also applaud member volunteers who have assisted on large wedding events to support the team and ensure we meet our contractual obligations. Thank you to all members for your understanding and support while we manage this temporary disruption.

Soon we will be welcoming seasonal employees as the busy summer season approaches. Pool facility renovations are proceeding and we look forward to opening that amenity for the summer. While pickleball court construction has suffered delays, we anticipate breaking ground in the not-too-distant future. Golf and Racquet Sports activities have picked up with warmer weather and the return of our snowbirds. I hope you all are enjoying everything the vibrant and fun community of Duck Woods has to offer.

This is my last report as the acting general manager. It has been my pleasure to serve all of you, though I will admit that I’m looking forward to getting reacquainted with my golf clubs!

Betsy McCaughey

With improved local conditions on Covid transmission, we happily have removed signs regarding mask wearing in the Clubhouse. We will continue to monitor conditions and be alert to any changes, but are pleased to be able to return to more social gatherings and events that provide new opportunities to enjoy our wonderful club. Staff and members should feel free to wear masks indoors at any time to protect themselves, family members and friends.

With the busy season approaching, hiring qualified staff continues to be a high priority and a challenge. Thank you to those who have recommended potential seasonal and full-time employees and made us aware of possible rental housing availability. Keep it coming! As always, we appreciate members’ support as we navigate the current conditions. The Duck Woods team is working together every day to provide our members and guests with the best country club experience. Recent staff shortages have forced us to reduce some service offerings, which was a painful but necessary decision. We are working hard to bring on new staff and restore services as soon as possible.

Betsy McCaughey

All through the winter we’ve seen David Eure and his team busy on the golf course trimming trees and pond edges, planting flowering shrubs, and painting tee markers and ball washers. As the weather warms up, green grasses will return and outdoor maintenance activities will increase. Expect to see a busy scene at the pool facility as repairs there get underway.

Preparing for our busiest months includes planning to increase staff. We welcome your referrals of talented, energetic workers to fill seasonal positions in our golf, pool, and food and beverage operations.

Importantly, please let us know if you have information on available housing options for the summer months. We look forward to the fun and excitement of serving members in the summer season.

Betsy McCaughey

January brought two snow storms and freezing conditions to the area. While it is not unusual to get an occasional snowfall in the winter months, having two successive weekend storms brought some challenges. Deciding to close the Club is not an easy choice, but for the safety of staff and members we made the tough decisions. Our management team rallied to ensure the closings were as short as possible and we thank the entire staff for their efforts to maintain our properties during the storms. Hurry up Spring!

As our thoughts turn to warmer weather and more activities, it is a pleasure to announce some changes in our food and beverage operations. Matt Hubbard has been promoted to department head of Food and Beverage (front of the house). Lauren Mercer will rejoin our staff as Events Coordinator beginning February 14th. With Executive Chef Joey Russo, Matt and Lauren teaming up to lead our food and beverage services and event planning and delivery, we are sure you will be pleased with the Duck Woods dining experience.

Betsy McCaughey