Greetings. We are the newest Duck Woods Racquet Sports Association. The PBA became official last year and we have been steadily increasing our membership. We are a fun social group, who enjoy playing the fastest growing sport in the country. We have been gaining traction during the past few months. In addition to members enjoying scheduled play seven days a week, the PBA sponsored an Earth Day talk on fulgurites by one of our members Scott Baier; organized a social gathering mixer around the fire pit that many members attended; and held a weekend fun tournament that included participants in the men’s, women’s and mixed doubles categories. Recently several Duck Woods PBA board members were interviewed on the status of pickleball at Duck Woods which was included in an OBX Voice web article.

A full summer season of activities is planned by the PBA, to include the season ending club championship as well as social gatherings and fun play activities on the courts. Pickleball people are a social group, come join us at the courts during scheduled play, clinics, or our social meetings. We’d love to have you join with us in learning and enjoying the game that is fun, and competitive that provides aerobic exercise at a pace players can also talk and socialize if they choose. For further information please contact any of our PBA officers:

Pat Baskette, President

Lynda Burek, Vice President

Jim Horn, Treasurer

Jo Hurd, Secretary

Hope to see you on the courts.

Yes, Duck Woods officially has a new recreationally based association; the DW Pickleball Association (PBA) open to all pickleball players. We had our first meeting this month and elected the following officers: President Pat Baskette, Vice- President Lynda Burek, Treasurer Jim Horn and Secretary Jo Hurd. If you haven’t tried pickleball yet, you’re missing out on one the fastest growing sports in the country. Just in the past two years, players at DW have increased from four to the over 50 players who are now enjoying this sport. Not sure… come out and watch and you’ll see why everyone is having so much fun. Seven days a week (usually between 9 am and noon), either clinics are being conducted by our racquet sports pro, Kevin Cretella, or groups are playing. And even though we are currently using one of the tennis courts for play, the club is in the process of preliminary studies to identify options for building pickleball only courts on the grounds just north of the tennis courts. If you have any questions about the game, or even better, to join the PBA, feel free to ask Kevin or one of the officers.

For those already playing pickleball, remember, Dink’um well.