Golfing continues at Duck Woods as we move into the heat of the summer our Tuesday Play Day will begin at 8:30 for the 18-hole group with a 9:00 start time for the 9-hole group. These tee-times will continue through August. I spoke to Aaron, our Club Professional, and he will be placing a buffer of a couple of tee-times in front of both groups to ensure the pace of play will not see another extremely slow round for either group.

The LGA enjoyed a nice day of golf with our Quarterly on June 8th. We welcomed more members with Leslie Regan, Susan Lang, Wanda Salmon and Ginger Webster and returning member Arlene Weeks, welcome ladies. We enjoyed a great lunch with the biggest brownies I’ve ever seen. We voted to postpone the Ladies Invitational in September this year. Many reasons went into this decision, and we hope the new board will be able to get the sponsors needed in January of next year so we can again host the premier event. The winners of the golf portion of the day went to the team of Carnell Boyle, Kathy Curtis, Betty Bradley, and Cheri Cosgrove who shot a 35. Congratulations ladies!

I appointed Nonie Booth to chair the nominating committee for this upcoming board. She has enlisted Sue Mortensen and Connie Serafin to recruit a new board for the LGA. Please consider serving on the board this next year. None of the positions require a ton of work and you will find it quite rewarding.

The Member/Member was held on June 15 the overall Low Gross team for the 18-hole league was Cherri Wheeler and Anna Ruspa with an 84, overall Low Net team was Diane Rohan and Kathleen Christiansen with a 71. For the 9-hole league the overall Low Gross team was Patrice Dwyer and Sue Mortensen with a 43, overall Low Net team was Sally Hotchkiss and Betsey McCaughey with a 34, and Second Net team was Colleen Hummel and Carol Riggin with a 37. Closest to the pins winners #3 Betty Bradley, #8 Sharon Kingston, #11 Diane Pokelwaldt, and #17 Kathleen Christiansen. (So sorry I forgot to get photos!)

Finally, a reminder that the Combo Tees are not yet rated. If you are posting scores for your handicap, you must play the same tees throughout the round. If you start on the Green Tees on your first hole, that is the tee you must use throughout the round. If you start on the Gold Tees (blue sticks) then you will play the Gold Tees for your entire round. Please note on the front nine, #3, #5, and #8 holes are the same Tees (which are the Green tees). On the back nine, only hole #11 is the same Tee (Green tee). If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask a board member or a member of the Professional Staff.

Stay hydrated, wear sunscreen and may all your shots go as you visualized

Cherri Wheeler