May continued to be seasonally cooler than in years past; yet the Bunker Bees were out in force golfing and enjoying adult beverages in the clubhouse afterward. They are now our largest participating group in the LGA.

Mid-May also brought a new group of Newbee golfers. Pictured below is the 7th Class of Newbees since this program began in 2015. Ladies starting or re-starting their golf game are Beth Blynt, Elisa Colkitt, Angela Culbertson, Helen Czernik, Becky Harrell, Lola Hilton, Barbara Johnston, Gracie Leon, Tammy McGraw, Maureen Montgomery, Connie Outten, Ella Rabil, Lainie Reed, Susan Rhew, Ann Rust, Lisa Schulz, Jean Spencer, and Beth Wadle. If you see any of these ladies around the club, introduce yourself and offer them encouragement as they embark on their golfing journey. A big thank you to Aaron Palen, our Golf Professional and his staff for continuing this awesome program and our four coordinators who are mentoring this year’s Newbee class, Colleen Hummel, Cheri Cosgrove, Mary Kendrick, and Donna Countryman.

FYI, the 2021/2022 Golf, Greens and Grounds (3G) committee continues to have 3 LGA members, Sally Lowe who is honchoing the grounds beautification sub-committee, Judi Flakowicz, and I. If you have any concerns regarding golfing issues or grounds on the course or around the club, please reach out to any of us so we can take it to our club leadership.

One big issue that was discussed in the May meeting dealt with the practice area and the fairways. The issue is members and guests not taking time to repair divots. (A divot is any damage caused to the grass by a player on the course or practice area; most often by the club making contact with the turf.) The DWCC provides sand bottles on the powered carts and for your pushcart, these have zip ties attached so they may hang from your pushcart. If your pushcart is like my new one, it doesn’t have a knob to hold the sand bottle; so I went to Home Depot (okay, Wade went on my behalf) and picked up a “S” hook with a clip on one end of the “S” so it will stay secured to my bag and an open end to make it easy to hang the sand bottle (We may have removed the clip of the other side of the “S”). My point is everyone should take a sand bottle with you when you play the course; even if you never make a divot, you can help repair other’s divots that were not repaired. This helps the course quickly heal itself and keeps the fairways pristine for the summer. Please make every effort to fix divots, it’s our course and this is our way of ensuring its good condition all year, plus it is part of golf etiquette!

If you have any suggestions or concerns about women’s golf at DWCC, don’t hesitate to contact myself or any board member. I hope to see you on the course soon and getting in some rounds (both golf and adult beverages).

Cherri Wheeler