Ladies, as you know through a recent email the club is looking to add Combination Tee options for both men and women golfers. Allow me to explain a bit further the concept.

Now that ladies have two choices of tees to play, Green and Gold, the golf committee is looking at adding a third choice which would combine the use of both Green and Gold Tee boxes. The committee is asking your input on which holes are the most problematic for ladies playing the green tees. Which holes consistently ruin a “good” round for most ladies.

What the combo tees would do for lady golfers is allow those wishing to continue to play the Green Tees to play the Gold Tees on the designated “combo tee” holes for a shorter drive. The course would be handicapped for that option and when you post a score you would use “combo” tees or some such heading to keep your handicap accurate. On those selected holes women wishing to play the combo tees would move to the Gold Tee box to tee off on the designated holes.

Carnell Boyle suggested holes 1, 4, & 7 on the front nine and 14, 16 & 18 on the back, with possibly adding #2 & #15, both challenging holes. I agree, these 8 holes represent the most consistently problematic holes for most ladies. Judi Flakowicz is collecting the inputs for the LGA. The more ideas the LGA membership provides the better decision the Golf Committee can make.

I personally like this idea as a way to continue to challenge our membership yet give options that allow for the most pleasurable golfing experience. We just need to know which are the most challenging holes for the majority of lady golfers. Some of you may have other suggestions and we need to hear them soonest.

Please contact Judi or I with suggestions or if you have more questions about having Lady Combo Tees.

Happy golfing as the weather improves in March. Hope to join you soon.

Cherri Wheeler