As 2020 wraps up I can’t help but reflect on the past year, particularly the past several Covid-driven months. During times like these the support and involvement of teammates are more important than ever. As my tenure as President of the Duck Woods Ladies Tennis Association (LTA) comes to an end I’d be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge and appreciate the support of my teammates aka fellow officers.

Secretary Lynne Alterman and Treasurer Camille Miller are both finishing up two! consecutive terms, each having served a total of four years. Their guidance, work and dedication over the years have been invaluable in ensuring the continued success of our organization. Vice-President Jean Spencer has been a great partner who, among various and sundry tasks, led our 2020 scholarship selection process via Zoom committee meetings.

In accordance with our by-laws, Jean will slide into the LTA presidency in January and is fortunate to have three outstanding teammates: Vice-President Lee Vermeulen, Secretary Diane Rohan and Treasurer Toni Joyner. It’s a great team that will bring new energy and enthusiasm as we head into a new year.

Finally, I’d like to thank all LTA members for their ongoing sup- port of our association, the Duck Woods tennis program and the Club. Along with WADWCC and LGA, the women of the LTA continue to provide the Club with unmatched energy and unwavering support. As 2020 comes to an end I send hearty congratulations and deep-felt gratitude to all the women of Duck Woods for all that they’ve done and continue to do for our Club.

Wishing a wonderful and healthy holiday season to all,
Janet C.