For those that have wondered ‘why should I join the MGA?’, I can honestly tell you that I was in the same boat when I first joined the club. I did not know anyone that was already a member and as a working professional in the vacation rental industry, instead of paying the $15 annual dues, I assumed that I would be better off buying a golf glove as I would not be able to participate in any of the events. The glove would be much more useful during those summer hours where you can tee off at 6pm and still get 9 holes in.

During one of those 6p tee offs a few years ago, I happened to join up with another member that I did not previously know. As we were playing (hacking is probably the better word), the conversation became geared toward opportunities to play with other members.

Beyond the tournaments, which were fun but still satisfied my competitive desires, there were a lot of other activities. The season long Ringer/Shoot Out scores do not rely on playing at a certain time on a certain date (except for the Shoot Out final where 15 people all play the same hole at the same time, talk about a different experience!).

The match play program was able to be flexible around everyone’s schedule over a several month period. Even the 2-day member-member was a Friday afternoon start to better allow members who work to participate. After hearing about these activities, I decided to give it a try (after all $15 per year breaks down to $1.87 per month for the 8 months of good golfing weather).

This year, we have some different opportunities being worked on. For example, ‘Let’s just go play’ day trips to other golf courses and competitive but fun formats for the season opening and member-member tournaments.

Over the course of my 2 years in the MGA, the events and activities have allowed me to play with a lot of different golfers at different skill levels. Every time, it has been a competitive yet enjoyable experience. I now have several more contacts to go play that summer evening 9 holes. For only the equivalent of a $1.87 per golfing month ($15 per year), I encourage everyone to join the MGA. You will not regret it. All you have to do is tell Aaron in the Pro Shop that you would like to join. See you on the golf course!

Dave Roberts, 2021 MGA Secretary