Despite the impact of Covid on the community, the MGA had a banner year of in 2021 and we are looking forward to an even better year in 2022. The MGA board is currently finalizing plans for tournament play in 2022. Last year the MGA board slightly increased the tournament fees to give us a positive cash flow and allow us to help fund improvements to the course. We raised $1000 and will continue that practice in 2022.

A focus for 2022 will be improving player handicap logging. Many golfers will not log a round if it is an unusually high (or low) score because it is not reflective or their “normal” play. Throughout the coming season the MGA and the pro staff will be encouraging players to log all of their rounds to provide a uniform baseline for handicapping tournaments.

The MGA is currently accepting applications from Dare and Currituck County high school AD’s and golf coaches for the Scott B. Anthony Golf Grant. The grant is funded by the Anthony family and provides new golf equipment plus lessons from Aaron to the nominee chosen by the MGA board. The winner will be selected in the next few weeks.

The weather has been rough lately but occasionally there is a playable day. Throw some handwarmers in your windshirt pockets and get out there.

See you on the course!