The MGA Board would like to thank all of the members for a great season. Starting with the season opening event (the Lone Wolf Challenge) through the completion with the annual Tommy Wine event, we ended up having over 50 different members participate at least one event. In addition to participation, we donated a lot of time and money (over $1000) to club improvements from landscaping to golf needs.

We also had a positive growth of approximately 25 new members. Part of this was from our marketing promotion where both first time MGA members and new club golf level members received a sleeve of MGA logoed Callaway Soft golf balls.

With over 110 current MGA members, one of the 2022 goals of the MGA board is to increase participation in events. We would like everyone’s feedback, so in early January please keep an eye out for email with a survey link. We encourage every MGA member to take the 5 minutes to fill this out so the board can see what can be done to better meet the needs of the MGA members.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable holiday season and the weather is warm enough for all of us to get a few rounds in.

Dave Roberts