It’s July, and golf is in full swing! Match Play has begun. Those that are participating don’t forget that scheduling your matches is up to you. Give Aaron at least a day to prepare your scorecard for your match. Give Aaron the results of your match once it’s complete. Don’t forget for handicap purposes if your match ends before 18 holes are completed and you don’t finish 18, take par plus your handicap strokes for each hole you did not complete to calculate your final score. Enter your scores the same day you play so your handicap will stay current throughout the tournament.

The shootout competition has begun. Bring your lowest round scorecard into the pro shop and say you want it to count toward the shootout. Keep improving throughout the season.

The Member-Member tournament is on the 16th and 17th of this month. Get a partner and sign up now in the pro shop. Two days of friendly competition, food and prizes!

Ringer cards are in the men’s locker room. Keep them up to date. If you would like to get into the ringer competition let Aaron know. So many ways to compete and have fun in the MGA. If you are not a member… Join! Let Aaron know you want to be part of a group of guys that likes to play golf and that does something for your club. We are taking a small part of the entry fees and dues and giving it to the club to make our already wonderful club even better. Join and be part of the decision making as to what we do for the club at the end of the season.

Speaking about our beautiful club, we want to keep it that way. Let’s get back to the common golf disciplines necessary to keep our course one of the top courses in the area. Fill your divots and those of others that didn’t. Use the rakes provided and smooth out sand traps and replace the rake in the trap. Be courteous to other golfers and play efficiently. Don’t be a drag on time of play. Have fun, play often and encourage those around you.

Ed Kitchen

The temperatures are finally beginning to warm up, rain’s bringing much needed water to the area (maybe a little too much) and the Bermuda fairways and practice tees beginning to take off. Golf conditions at the DW should be back at our normal great standards… except… except for divots which haven’t been filled with sand. Scars which will take longer to fill because golfers, tourists and members alike, didn’t make the effort to repair what they damaged. Divots are a given, but not filling divots with sand shouldn’t be. If you ride in a mobile cart, sand bottles are at your side. If you push a cart, sand bottles should be attached to your cart or bag. Some say their bag or cart does not have a place to hang a sand bottle. Well, all you have to do is get a C-clamp or some other simple device to hang a bottle. But if you can’t do that, next time you play golf, ask one of the Golf Staff and they will give you one, FREE. There is… no excuse in you not doing your part in keeping our course in the best condition possible. And not only fill your divots, but fill as many others as you can as you venture down the fairways. Hit’em long, hit’em straight, and fill those divots.

Curt Baskette