Do you have certain holes at DW that you just don’t seem to be able to get to in regulation. Just out of reach. Having to one putt to even have a chance at par, much less a birdie. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the option to move up a tee on a few of those holes? Wouldn’t it be more fun? Well, the Golf Committee is looking at possibly giving you that option. It’s called Combo Tees. You may have already heard of them, or even played at other courses that offer them. This is how they work. Let’s say you normally play from the white tees. With Combo Tees, you can play the green tees on certain designated holes. The handicap system will accommodate these scores in the system. Combo Tees would be available for playing the Black/Blue, Blue/White or Green/Gold tees as well. If you are interested in having this option at DW, here is where the Golf Committee needs your help. Identify the four (4) holes on each nine that give you the most trouble and you would like to play forward once in a while. Then let the Pro Shop know your preferences. If enough interest is indicated, the Golf Committee will set up the Comb Tees. Just having more fun at Duck Woods!