As we enter March we are getting excited for Spring and the beginning of golf season. The MGA has 6 tournaments during the season to look forward to. The first tournaments begin at the very end of April. The ringer card starts April 29th and The MGA Open is on April the 30th. Mark the dates and look for tournament details later in March.

If you are not an MGA member, sign up. The fee is $15.00 per year. In addition you need to establish a handicap. Getting a handicap couldn’t be easier. Just let Aaron know that you would like to join the MGA and establish a handicap. He will help you set up an account in the handicap system; upload the ghin app for your phone so you can post your scores; then play golf and enter your scores.

If you are a member of the MGA, invite your friends that are not members to join and help them set up their ghin app. By the way if you are a member and plan to participate in the tournaments make sure you are keeping your handicap up to date. Keep an accurate score when you are playing with someone, sign your scorecard, enter your score in the ghin system and turn your card into the pro shop. We are trying to make sure that all of our competitions are fair. We want players at all levels to be confident that they have an opportunity to compete and be rewarded for their good efforts.