May is here and the 2022 Golf Season is in full swing. On April 29th The Ringer competition began. This is a full season game that requires you to post an 18 hole score after April 29th on your card in the Men’s Locker room. If you don’t have a ringer card in the rack, see Aaron and get started. Once you post your 18 hole score then you may update your card as you get better scores on any hole. Don’t just post your birdies. Make sure you have a score posted for each hole or your card will be disqualified at the end of the season. If you have any questions please ask Aaron or me and we will square you away. By the way we have decided to pre Flight this competition so you will be competing with guys closer to your skill level.

Get your match play partners lined up and sign up for the 2022 Four Ball Championship (Team Match Play). Registration closes for this tournament on May 15th at 6PM. This is an exciting competition. Don’t miss out on this year’s championship. Finals are to be completed by July 31st. More details will be sent to each of the MGA members. Sign up in the Pro Shop.

Remember our golf etiquette at all times on the course. Fill your divots, watch your pace of play, pick up broken and discarded tees. Be courteous to others and have a blast at Duck Woods. See you around the course.

Dave Roberts