Pickleball just celebrated its 16th birthday. While it has been around since the mid-70’s it has only recently exploded into the mainstream, with competitive, recreational and social play available all around the world. There are currently 4 million people who play pickleball in the United States, 45,000 USA PBA members, 2,000 ambassadors and over 8,000 known “Places2Play” in the country. The events of 2020 did not slow pickleball growth down, it was up 21% last year. Tournaments are booming and the first indoor National Championship was recently played. Pickleball is played both indoor and outdoor, and both venues offer players a range of play from very competitive to relaxed social games. Come on out and try this game that everyone is playing, and get your game in shape as the Duck Woods PBA eagerly awaits our dedicated pickleball courts.

The heat and humidity of summer has arrived. With scheduled play every day, players should be prepared for the heat and humidity by bringing water, Gatorade or other beverages designed to help with hydration. Water is always available at the courts and our pro’s (Kevin and Whitney) ensure we have plenty of ice cold water on hand.

Would like to remind players that signing up for a clinic is a commitment. If circumstances change, please contact the pro shop and let them know you will not be able to attend so other members who may be on the wait list can be notified.

The club has recently gained quite a few new members. Given the popularity of pickleball and prior to the new courts being built there is time to take advantage of the clinics and open play to get introduced to pickleball. The pro shop can tailor for all levels of player skills and is a great way to meet new people.

If you haven’t tried pickleball yet by all means come out during a scheduled play time. The courts are also available for family play, and there is a pickleball machine you can rent to help practice your shots if you don’t have a partner. Reminder for those who have not paid their PBA dues to contact any member of the PBA and provide their membership fee.

For further information please contact any of our PBA officers:

Pat Baskette, President

Lynda Burek, Vice President

Jim Horn, Treasurer

Jo Hurd, Secretary

Hope to see you on the courts.