This time of year, many people head south to escape the cold weather. While it is at times challenging to get out on the courts when the wind is from the north and the temps read below 50, we are still blessed with days that we can play outside and every day that goes by we are getting closer to those days when warm temps will return. With the reduced number of players available, those of us that do venture out can be assured of uninterrupted playing time. This helps with practice time, plus concentrating on those skills we may be trying to improve or learn. For those who don’t want to brave the cold, there is indoor play available M-F at the Dare Rec Center starting at 0830. While the indoor surface and game is a bit different than the Duck Woods courts, it’s a great opportunity to play with different people, learn new skills and have fun. As we look forward to our pickleball court construction beginning soon, we should not let the weather impact our playing time that provides us good exercise opportunities and social interactions.

For further information please contact any of our PBA officers:

Pat Baskette, President

Lynda Burek, Vice President

Rick Koch, Treasurer

Carol Noonan, Secretary