The Get Pinked event which was held on Oct 16 was a huge success. Jointly sponsored by the LTA and the PBA, the courts were full of pickleball players playing fun round robin games. This is the second year that the PBA has participated in this wonderful event and look forward to continued action on our new pickleball courts next year.

USA Pickleball Rule Committee recently posted proposed rule addition/changes for 2022. There are 71 being evaluated. Of particular interest are the following: keep the drop serve; first serving team gets 2 serves; maintain serving order throughout the game; no spin serves; reinstate the let serve; rally point scoring; remove COVID/carry serve. The new rule book will be published by December 1. At that time, there will be a 30-day window for public comments. The rules committee has been consistent in their approach, wanting to keep the focus of pickleball on the rally game, not the serve game and most likely will reject the drop serve that has been under provisional review for the past year. USA Pickleball seems intent on keeping the spirit of the game (family friendly) while refining some of the rules to keep the game competitive, especially as the growth in the under 50 crowd gathers momentum. Hope to see everyone on the courts.

For further information please contact any of our PBA officers:

Pat Baskette, President

Lynda Burek, Vice President

Jim Horn, Treasurer

Jo Hurd, Secretary