From the GM

The club has been active and coming out of the pandemic in good order with a very positive net gain of 44 new members and a strong cash balance in the bank. We are still managing through a weak labor force market, but attending to the business in good order, which is a reflection of the hard work and dedication of staff and in particular the leadership of the department heads. MaryAnne, Teresa, and David in food and beverage, Dave and Aaron in golf, Kevin and Whitney in racquet sports, Joe in Facility Maintenance and Natallia in administration. We still have more work to accomplish with our malware attack and services, but we are progressing in a positive direction, and we appreciate your participation and contributions to the club.
Also, now that COVID is having a resurgence as predicted for late summer and fall, we are preparing for such a situation with diligent cleaning and refurbishment of our HVAC equipment, HEPA filters and sanitization standards, etc., to keep the club environment safe and inviting. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.
I have been asked to lead a capital reserve study to address the allocation of capital resources over the next five years to our key result areas. I have reached out to a few members but ask anyone interested in discussing the possibility of serving on the committee, under the Finance Committee, to please contact me at

Patrick O’Keefe