From the GM

As we emerge from a difficult year into a year with hope of the possibilities for a return to “normal” activities, we do so in a sound financial position. With that in mind, we have been working and redefining our five-year capital plan to maintain and enhance our property for increased member engagement and to attract new members. The plan has a mixture of behind the scenes capital, such as HVAC units that are in their 16th year of service, ovens entering their 20th year of service, as well as infrastructure, such as cart paths and bridges on the golf course. With prudent use of our 2020 capital improvement dollars, we negotiated and purchased two new fairway mowers and a tee and greens mower for $176,919.98. With the golf course on plan to maintain and upgrade course conditions, we are also planning on items for all the key result areas, such as fitness and pool equipment and supplies, as well as the possibility of dedicated pickleball courts.

This plan is a well thought out and an all-encompassing club plan that will maintain and keep our club relevant for generations of members now and in the future. Please stay healthy and safe.

Thank You.