From the GM

The new year has brought some challenges with continuing of COVID and its related problems of health, safety and availability of staff. But also positive news of membership being up and experiencing increased activity at the club in all of our social and recreational activities. The increased activity is not only due to the COVID vaccine, but to the dedication of the staff in all the key result areas. David our Executive Chef, MaryAnne in Food and Beverage Service, Teresa in Events, Kevin in Racquet Sports, Aaron in Golf, Dave in Grounds and Natallia in Administration have all led teams (although small at this time) with care, consideration and creativity to manage their operations successfully. We recently (Mr. and Mrs. Horn) and in the past have had thoughtful members mention and have had staff barbeques, with staff and members playing golf and racquet sports with end of day barbeque. Please let me know if would be inter- ested in volunteering some time and expertise (grill master out there?) in October to participate in the family event.

Happy Spring

Patrick O’Keefe