From the GM

As we enter the holiday season and the winter months’ activities slow down, we will be creating new events. With that, I will be sending brief 2 minute surveys out over the next few weeks to find out if there are any activities you would like to partake in. Please let me know of your thoughts so we can develop some activities over those months that you would enjoy. With the continued COVID staffing challenges, we are increasing events that will enable us to properly serve you, such as Chef Joey’s Italian Night Buffet every Saturday starting November 6th (barring any special events). The event will feature homemade entrées and artisan breads along with a salad station for only $19.95 for adults and $9.95 for kids, under 5 are free. Matt, our bartender will feature a wine special each evening and Chef Joey will feature special desserts.

The weather is still great for outdoor activities, so get out and play some pickleball, tennis or golf and join us for a nice lunch or dinner to top off the day of recreation and socialization!

Patrick O’Keefe