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With so many new golfers being introduced to the game, one of the biggest items I like to emphasize is how the sport is the vehicle for the social and camaraderie that we all love. Back during my tournament days when I was playing competitively, enjoying the post-round social was always a highlight. Hearing how others made their way around the course, learning about their good and bad breaks; are all part of the overall experience that golf provides.

Listening to the stories told after a round of golf on the Veranda, Porch, or Bistro, is music to my ears; especially when I hear them from a brand-new golfer. Story telling happens to be a large influencer that helps ingrain the memories that will last a lifetime. Enjoy this great game that we have all fallen in love with and soak it in.

Aaron Palen, PGA Head Golf Professional


Tuesday, August 10th
LGA Quarterly

Thursday, August 26th
FCA Golf Outing

Friday & Saturday, September 10th & 11th
DWCC Club Championship