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There is something to be said for that quality time with family. As our children, grandchildren, and their friends visit us at Duck Woods this summer, those memories that will last a lifetime. Teaching golf to our youth is so important but making sure the game is taught in the correct nature is essential. One of the best ways to introduce golf to your favorite youngster under the age of 7, is very simple: let them explore golf. Exploring golf can be raking the sand trap, filling in divots, cleaning clubs and golf balls, and going for a ride on the golf cart.

When golf was introduced to our son, Jayce, that is exactly how I approached this incredible game. In many instances, I would play 9-holes and he would ride along. Jayce was more into filling in divots and raking bunkers than hitting a golf ball (a superintendent’s best friend). Now that Jayce is 9, the golf bug is in full bloom and all he wants to do is practice and get better.

For our daughter, Kenzie (3), she is just beginning to learn and washing golf balls is her favorite activity at the course, besides eating French fries!

Enjoy your time with you children and grandchildren!

Aaron Palen, PGA Head Golf Professional


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