Golf News

The Professional Staff and I love producing a golfing experience that provides you, your family, and your guests, an enjoyment with lasting memories. Events such as last month’s Masters Par 3 Tournament, is a great example of how your clubs’ fellowship and camaraderie is rising to the forefront of the Golf Operation. Sixty-eight players participated in last month’s event, along with a wide range of demographics participating; a Golf Professionals dream!

With the sun rising in the sky, the Outer Banks weather is turning for the good and so is our Doubles Golf. Doubles Golf (formally Couples Golf) has become one of the most popular events to participate at the club for golfing activities. It is not unusual to foresee close to 50 players each Sunday, due to the rapid increase in popularity.

Participating in Doubles Golf is a great way to play in an extremely relaxed atmosphere, plus the post-round festivities that congregate around the fire pit or the Bistro (to enjoy air-conditioning after those hot afternoons on the course).

The Golf Committee and I highly encourage all players to kindly fill in their divots with the sand provided in the carts, or if you walk, Sand Bottles are provided at the start of both nines. Players who warm up or just practice on the Long-Range Practice Facility, are also asked to fill in their divots with the sand provided. As golfers, proper etiquette is to fill in your divots and fix your ball marks.

We hope to see you around the club soon.

Aaron Palen, PGA
Head Golf Professional