NewBees Golf News

Have you ever thought about trying the game of golf but was too intimidated or thought the game was too expensive? Are you interested in enjoying the outdoors and getting some great exercise? Are you a new Duck Woods member and would like to meet some amazing ladies and gain loads of new friends? Would you like to spend more time with your significant other sharing a common interest? If any or all of these apply, have we got a wonderful option for you!

Carol Riggin, having moved to Southern Shores and having joined Duck Woods, addressed the above when she started the NEWBEES GOLF program in October 2014. This program is designed for women who have never played before, and don’t know much about the game of golf. Of course, those that may have played years ago or simply only drove the golf carts are also welcome to participate!

The program has grown over the years since 2014, in 2021, 20 women graduated from NewBees to join prior graduates who play weekly with The BunkerBees. The program has managed to make it through 2 summers of Covid, making appropriate adjustments when necessary and continues to move forward.

We are very excited to welcome a new class of NEWBEES beginning in May of 2022! Keep an eye out for more information to come in the next months through the Duck Woods Country Club Newsletter and WADWCC.

I am lucky enough to be the representative who will help you through NEWBEES. My name is Elisa Colkitt, my email address is, I can also be contacted via text at 610-724-7762, feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding the program that I can answer for you. There will be 3-4 of us from previous NEWBEE classes that will be helping to coordinate the program in 2022. You will have the opportunity to meet us in the coming months. Feel free to spread the news, NEWBEES is on for 2022!