Duck Woods Country Club is adding four new pickleball courts this fall to to their well established tennis program which will result in the premier racket sports complex on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. When finished, this natural setting will include a beautiful paver patio with ample seating for viewing play or simply enjoying another extension of this full service club’s hospitality program it offers its members.

Bobby Kidder is a 24+ year veteran in the golf industry. He is a graduate of Allegheny College and played fullback for the Gators from 1994 to 1997. Bobby also played football for Youngstown State and was a member of their 1993 National Championship team.

Before joining Duck Woods Country Club, Bobby worked for ClubCorp as the General Manager at Stonehenge Golf and Country Club in Richmond, Virginia. Before joining ClubCorp, he worked for Indigo Golf Partners (formally Billy Casper Golf) as the Regional General Manager for the Prince William County portfolio. His clubs earned regional awards for ACE the Guest Experience (2019), Most Improved Facility (2020), and Service Through Safety (2020). Prior to that, he was the General Manager at Magnolia Green Golf Club, in Chesterfield, Virginia. During his tenure, the club received national awards for ACE the Guest Experience (2013 & 2014) and was also named one of the top 10 New Golf Courses by Golf Digest (2015). As an individual, Bobby was recognized as the General Manager of the Year (2014) and was also the recipient of The Coach’s Award (2017), which is given to an individual who “demonstrates a positive attitude at all times and provides above and beyond support to our BCG clients and their clubs. They show a passion to lead and improve themselves, as well as their team, and demonstrate a humility that brings out the best in everyone they work with. They are continually looking for the next challenge and motivate their teams to exceed all expectations”.

Bobby’s goal at Duck Woods is to offer the best club and experience in North Carolina. His door is always open and he looks forward to each interaction with members and guests.

Bobby has been married since 2008 and shares a son (Morgan) and a Schnauzer (Toby) with his wife Nichole. Their son and his wife, Michele, recently made them proud grandparents of a little girl, Diana Grace. A native of Follansbee West Virginia, he is a die-hard Steelers fan and loves to play golf.

(weather permitting & subject to change)

Open Tennis Clinic
10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

Intermediate Pickleball Clinic
9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.

Newbies Pickleball Clinic
11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Doubles Strategy Tennis Clinic
10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

(weather permitting)

Monday – Friday
Red Ball Clinic (4-7 year old’s)
Green Ball Clinic (8-12 year old’s)
Yellow Ball Clinic (13 & Up)

3:30 p.m. – 4:15 p.m.

(weather permitting & subject to change)

Advance Play
Tuesdays & Thursdays
10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Intermediate Play
10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Newbies Play
10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Open Play (All Levels)
10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

For more information or to sign up, please call the Tennis Shop at 252-261-6438 or e-mail

Contact Kevin to sign up for Junior Clinics or to set up a private lesson at or call/text to 703-489-3794.

From: Kevin Cretella, The Director of Racquet Sports

“The Hot-Seat”
The returner’s partner starts the point out in the most difficult position to be in on the doubles court, known as the “Hot-Seat”. They should start the point on the service line, close to the center service line. Oftentimes, players stand too far away from the service line on their half of the court or even worse, stand close to the net in the service box on their half of the court. Either way, this leaves a big hole through the middle of the court if the server’s partner is able to make a play on the return from your partner. So, ensure you are in the “Hot-Seat” position and stay home, ready to make a reflex volley if your partner hits it to the opposing net player. If your partner is able to make the “high-percentage” play cross-court past the opposing net player, move forward to the center of the service box, while shading slightly towards the direction of the path of the ball. Try this out and let me know how it works for you!

Is tennis the healthiest sport?

After tracking more than 8,500 people for over 25 years, the data showcased that seven sports contributed to increased life expectancy for active participants compared to sedentary peers. Tennis was not only included in the seven sports that contribute to a healthier life, but it came in on top.

Contact Kevin or Whitney at to rent the pickleball or tennis ball machine.

The pickleball or tennis ball machine can be rented for:
$10 per hour
$90 for a yearly single plan
$110 for a yearly family plan

New Machine Yearly Package Rental Deals:
$135 for a yearly single plan for both the pickleball and tennis ball machines
$165 for a yearly family plan for both the pickleball and tennis ball machines

Check out our selection in the pro shop! If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we can always order what you need!


The Big Dill Pickleball Tournament
Saturday, May 14


10 ….. PBA Quarterly Meeting – PBA Members
14 ….. The ‘Big Dill’ Pickleball Tournament – Open

9 …… LTA Quarterly – LTA Members
25 ….. Black and White Cup – Members Only

6 …… World Team Racquet Sports Tournament – Members Only
10 ….. PBA Quarterly Meeting – PBA Members

15 ….. LTA Quarterly – LTA Members
17-18 … Men’s/Women’s Club Pickleball Championship – Members Only

1 ……. Get Pinked and More! Event – Open
10-23 … Love to Remember Tournament – Open

3 …… End of Season Party – Members Only
8 …… Annual PBA Meeting – Members Only

8 …… LTA Quarterly – LTA Members
10 ….. Toys for Tots Collection – Members Only

April was a busy month for tennis. USTA is in full swing. On Saturday April 2nd, there was the Racquet Sport Spring Kick Off. There was a good turnout plus great to be able to socialize. It has been awhile since we have been able to get somewhat back to normal. The LTA had their big fund raiser on Friday the 22nd and 23rd. Friday night was the cocktail party with lots of great raffle items. Saturday held the matches with 22 teams. Di Small and Nicole Bouker co-chaired the event. They did a great job along with the hard working committees. Special thanks to the generous sponsors that helped to make this a success.

Now that it is warming up, come out and enjoy some tennis.

Lee Vermeulen

Pickleball, the sport with the funny name, is growing by fantastic rates. According to Sports, Fitness & Leisure Activities Topline Participation Report from USA Pickleball, over 4.8 million American picked up a pickleball racquet last year and despite the pandemic, the sport has grown 39.3% over the last two years. There are two major reason that the sport has seen the huge growth in participation. The first reason can be traced to the ease of learning. In today’s world people don’t want to spend a lot of time learning a new sport. The basics of pickleball can be learned quickly. The second reason pickleball has enjoyed such growth is the social nature of the sport. With it’s more relaxed pace, game play almost feels like it’s a community, with experienced players and newbies playing games together. The pickleball group at Duck Woods personifies this aspect of the game. After games they hang out afterwards, having lunch together or sharing a beer or glass of wine or gladly showing a newbie the basics of the game.

While many people think of pickleball as a miniture form of doubles tennis, it’s really a game unto itself. It’s played with a whiffle ball on courts, one-forth the size of a tennis court. The two-bounce rule and the no volley zone unique to this game are one of the reasons many age groups can play together. The fences are lower, there is less sprinting involved, and your physically closer to both your teammate and your opponents, making it inherently a lower-impact sport that is big on on-court banter.

While the game originated in Washington state on Bainbridge Island, in the 1960’s, the explosive growth has only been recently. Washington State just recently made pickleball it’s official sport. While the pandemic negatively impacted many activities, it was actually a boon to pickleball participation as it offered social time on the court, an opportunity to get outside and much-needed exercise without the technical demands of golf or tennis.

As Duck Woods prepares for the construction of our own four court complex the temporary tennis courts continue to get used by many players every day. With daily scheduled open play, player initiated competition and new players trying the game, the growth of this sport at Duck Woods seems poised to follow the national trend. If you are interested in learning about this game, please join in the fun, the members of the PBA are fun, interesting and passionate about their love for the game… one can hear at the end of every game… ”anyone want to play one more game”?

Lynda Burek

The Professional Staff and I love producing a golfing experience that provides you, your family, and your guests, an enjoyment with lasting memories. Events such as last month’s Masters Par 3 Tournament, is a great example of how your clubs’ fellowship and camaraderie is rising to the forefront of the Golf Operation. Sixty-eight players participated in last month’s event, along with a wide range of demographics participating; a Golf Professionals dream!

With the sun rising in the sky, the Outer Banks weather is turning for the good and so is our Doubles Golf. Doubles Golf (formally Couples Golf) has become one of the most popular events to participate at the club for golfing activities. It is not unusual to foresee close to 50 players each Sunday, due to the rapid increase in popularity.

Participating in Doubles Golf is a great way to play in an extremely relaxed atmosphere, plus the post-round festivities that congregate around the fire pit or the Bistro (to enjoy air-conditioning after those hot afternoons on the course).

The Golf Committee and I highly encourage all players to kindly fill in their divots with the sand provided in the carts, or if you walk, Sand Bottles are provided at the start of both nines. Players who warm up or just practice on the Long-Range Practice Facility, are also asked to fill in their divots with the sand provided. As golfers, proper etiquette is to fill in your divots and fix your ball marks.

We hope to see you around the club soon.

Aaron Palen, PGA
Head Golf Professional

May is here and the 2022 Golf Season is in full swing. On April 29th The Ringer competition began. This is a full season game that requires you to post an 18 hole score after April 29th on your card in the Men’s Locker room. If you don’t have a ringer card in the rack, see Aaron and get started. Once you post your 18 hole score then you may update your card as you get better scores on any hole. Don’t just post your birdies. Make sure you have a score posted for each hole or your card will be disqualified at the end of the season. If you have any questions please ask Aaron or me and we will square you away. By the way we have decided to pre Flight this competition so you will be competing with guys closer to your skill level.

Get your match play partners lined up and sign up for the 2022 Four Ball Championship (Team Match Play). Registration closes for this tournament on May 15th at 6PM. This is an exciting competition. Don’t miss out on this year’s championship. Finals are to be completed by July 31st. More details will be sent to each of the MGA members. Sign up in the Pro Shop.

Remember our golf etiquette at all times on the course. Fill your divots, watch your pace of play, pick up broken and discarded tees. Be courteous to others and have a blast at Duck Woods. See you around the course.

Dave Roberts

On April 12th, we had our first Quarterly to kick off the 2022 LGA golf season. It started with a 9 hole round of Best Ball Golf. The winners with a score of 36 were from Left to Right: Sally Kerr (a new LGA member) Carol Blaha, Tisa Head, Carnell Boyle. Congratulations Ladies. We then had a delicious meal followed by our meeting.

Our LGA Scholarship recipient for this year has been selected and will be announced once they are awarded the Scholarship at their school’s Award Ceremony in May.

Some of the exciting things that current LGA board have planned for this year were discussed. We are planning on having several “Friendlies” (inviting other LGA groups from other golf courses to come play with us and then we in turn will go to their club to play). As we firm these up, we will publish the information and invite all LGA members to participate. If you aren’t an LGA member currently, please consider joining.

We will be introducing some “fun” games to be played on our Tuesday Ladies LGA days that we think will be both fun and provide some with “bragging” rights of their wins. We are hoping that both groups will stay for lunch to both support the club and foster friendships.

Beginning April 26th, with the LGA season officially beginning, the Pro Shop will post a sign-up sheet each week for ladies to sign up to play on Tuesdays. (Please be sure to do this before noon on Mondays) You can sign up to play either 9 holes or 18 holes and the Pro shop will post the tee times and groups in our online system. With the tourist season starting to get in full swing, the 18 hole play times will begin at 8:15 and then the 9 hole play times will follow. Any LGA member can sigh up for either time.

Kathy Curtis

On April 6 our WADWCC members were finally able to meet in person, enjoy a wonderful meal, and visit with each other! Everyone in the room appeared to enjoy the camaraderie, catching up with old friends, and meeting many of the new members who joined WADWCC since our last in-person meeting in April of 2020! Thank you to all our members who helped to plan the meeting, and to Chef Joey Russo who prepared a wonderful salad bar full of creative and delicious offerings. During the meeting, our members voted to include the Outer Banks Dementia Friendly Coalition to our list of charities that are actively supported by WADWCC. This organization serves those with dementia and their caregivers through training caregivers and organizing a weekly Day Out. They also provide training for the owners and staff of local businesses who are then recognized as dementia-friendly by displaying the group’s purple seahorse in their windows. This coalition fills a very real need in our community, and WADWCC is ready to support their efforts through volunteering and providing monetary assistance. Watch for more information on our opportunities to help in the coming months!

I want to remind all the members of DWCC that the WADWCC cookbook, Tasty Treasures, is still available for purchase online at This cookbook was developed as a fund-raiser for our charities in lieu of monetary collections while we held meetings by Zoom. It remains a wonderful gift idea for family and friends. I sent it to a few brides for their showers and one is still raving about the Butternut Squash Soup!

President, Mary Ahearn

Corresponding Secretary – Jeannette Grimes
If you know of any member who would appreciate a note of sympathy, support or recovery, please contact Jeannette Grimes at

Program – JoAnn Small & Ginger Webster
In addition to the Installation of Officers, we will have a brief presentation from Lyn Jenkins, Director of The Community Care Clinic of Dare at our June meeting!

Hospitality – Kathy Sanborn & Dorothy Green
Our first in person WADWCC meeting in two years was a huge success! There were 90 ladies in attendance to celebrate our 50th Anniversary. Our staff guest was Sarah Seelow. An April birthday luncheon was held in the Bistro on April 5th. Thank you to Barbara Johnston and Susan Smith for arranging. We are now looking for one or two ladies who are willing to arrange a celebration for the May birthday women!

Membership – Michele Maslak
If you have not obtained your 2021-2022 WADWCC membership directory, it is available in the ladies’ locker room. If you see one there that you can deliver to a friend, please do so. New members are always welcome! If you have an interest in becoming a WADWCC member, contact me at (913) 226-2527 or

Dementia Friendly Coalition – Jan Collins
At the WADCC April 6th meeting, Jan Collins gave a presentation about the Dementia Friendly Coalition. It started in 2014 and is now its own 501c3 & as an outcome of the Coalition we have over 30 Dementia Friendly Restaurants & Business. They held their First Love to Remember tennis tournament last Fall and raised over $40,000. The OBX Community realized the need to assist the CareGiver who is caring for the individual with Memory Loss. They have Support Groups and Educational Programs and now a Day Out Program that is FREE to all participants, held every Monday 9:30-1 at Dare Country Rec Center. After the presentation the WADWCC Membership voted unanimously to add the Dementia Friendly Coalition as an organization that they support. If Jan Collins can assist you with any information, please contact her at

Food For Thought – Judi Flakowicz
Food for Thought so appreciates WADWCC’s continuing monetary support. As always, if you have toiletries of any sort, samples or otherwise, just leave them in the Ladies Locker Room with my name on them. The high school counselors and their wonderful students in need will be thankful!

Walking Club – Rose Halloran & Pat Smith
Unfortunately Mother Nature has not been cooperating. We have only had 2 walks so far in April. Hoping that our luck turns around soon. Walks begin at 8 am and are listed on the WADWCC Facebook calendar every month. Contact Rose Halloran or Pat Smith if interested.

Kayaking Club – Carol Riggin
Save the Date: May 18th, 10:00 AM for our first paddle of the year! We are heading to Alligator River and launching from a new spot off of Milltail Road. Our June paddle will be on June 15th. Reach out to Carol Riggin at with any questions.

Literary Duck Book and Movie Club – Ellen Kruse
Literary Ducks Book and Movie Club will meet on Mary 16th at 10:30 AM. We will be discussing A WALK ACROSS THE SUN by Cornan Addision. Our facilitator will be Robyn Deger. Members will get a reminder email. For more information, contact Ellen Kruse

Birding Club – Chris Buchanan
The Birding Club met April 8th for a spring birding adventure on the Duck Boardwalk. We had 9 birders and saw 27 species of birds! We enjoyed coffee at Tree House Coffee following the event. It was a beautiful morning! We hope to have one more outing in May. Check the WADWCC Facebook page. Contract Chris Buchanan if you would like to be added to the club at

Biking Club — Sally Hotchkiss
The Biking Club will reorganize in the Spring. If interested, contact SallyHotchkiss at

Dog Walking Club – Diane Rohan
The Dog-Walking Club had such a great time at Elizabethan Gardens that we plan to go again, especially for those who missed it. Since April if butterfly release month, we thought it best not to bring our pups then! So we will revisit the Gardens in May. Sometime after June 16, we will try to coordinate with the farmer’s market at Dowdy Park with a KDH dog park visit, which was a nice suggestion from yesterday. That will be on a Thursday. Contact Diane Rohan at 917-375-1596 if you want to join the group.

2022 Scott B. Anthony Youth Golf Grant

2022 Scott B. Anthony Youth Golf GrantBlake Austin, a Junior at First Flight High School, accepts a new set of Calloway golf clubs and, a personalized Golf bag purchased with proceeds from the 2022 Dr. Scott B. Anthony Golf Grant. Blake will also receive two golf lessons from the Duck Woods Golf Professional Staff as part of the grant. Pictured left to right are: Mr. Dave Roberts, Duck Woods MGA Board Member, Blake Austin, and Mr. Aaron Palen, Duck Woods Head Golf Professional. Blake is currently participating in his second year on First Flight’s golf team.

This grant is established by the Anthony family in memory of Dr. Scott B. Anthony, a retired orthopedic surgeon and former Duck Woods member. The purpose of the award is to promote the values and enjoyment which are part of the game of golf among local youth. This is the sixth year the grant has been awarded by the Duck Woods Men’s Golf Association to an aspiring golfer in attendance at one of our local High Schools.

Grant applications are provided annually to the Duck Woods Men’s Golf Association by the Athletic Directors and Golf Coaches at First Flight, Manteo and Currituck County High Schools. Candidates include both male and female aspiring golfers.

Duck Woods Country Club is the only full-service private country club on the Outer Banks. Duck Woods boasts a PGA Head Golf Professional and a USPTA Director of Tennis. The meticulously manicured 18-hole golf course, designed by Ellis Maples, opened for play June 8, 1969.  It has been rated one of the Best Places to Play by Golf Digest Magazine and named an “official PGA Family Golf Course” by the PGA of America and U.S. Kids Golf. For more information about the club or membership please contact the Club at 252-261-2744 or by e-mail at


Welcome Back!
Erin Hutchko

Michael Buchanan
Thomas Geisel

Welcome Preview Members!
Ken & Micah Ouelette
Stephen & Edie Pirato
Rodney Poole
Chuck & Theresa McPhillips
Sallie Kerr

In accordance with section 3-3.1, 3-3.2 and 3-3.3 of the ByLaws, the following named individuals were nominated by the Nominating Committee:

Kevin Davis
Danny Joyner
Jann Koch
Jim LeBlanc
Emily Bray
Janet Colegrove
Paul Kruse

The four (4) individuals with the highest votes will serve a 3-year term on the Board of Directors.

The Annual Meeting of Members will be held at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, April 13th.

Please return your ballots in the ballot envelope with your name and membership number included in the return address section. You may cast your vote by mailing or submitting the envelope to the office prior to the meeting or in person at the Annual Meeting.


  • Replacing cement cart path #13
  • Installing cement base for synthetic turf mat at practice facility
  • Trim trees throughout golf course
  • Trimming pond banks
  • Aerification of fairway, tees and roughs
  • Painting and repairing ball washers
  • Cleaning signage throughout the golf course

The Duck Woods Country Club Bunker Bees, ladies’ golf group, had a fun tournament celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. The event was played on March 21. The ladies enjoyed golf games and challenges at each of 9 holes. They were even visited by the Lucky Leprechaun! Prizes were awarded for lowest team score, longest drive, closest to the pin, longest putt, and fewest and most balls in the water by a team. The event ended with camaraderie in the DWCC Bistro.