I joined DWCC in 1985 and have enjoyed the many amenities offered to it’s members ever since! The golf course is one of the best on the southern east coast, the tennis/pickleball facility is enjoyed by many, the programs offered at the swimming pool are top notch and the dining choices are varied and always enjoyable and the service and waitstaff are the best. Duck Woods Country Club is my “go to” place on the OBX!

A few years ago, my wife Robyn and I retired to the Outer Banks from the far north (Wisconsin) seeking the warmth, comfort and pleasantries of the beach community. Attracted to Duck Woods by its impressive facilities and its engaging variety of athletic and social offerings we considered it an appropriate venue for our retirement adventure. We choose well!

We found the club, members and staff, to be characterized by two words: warm and inviting. We were welcomed as our interests led, and we observed the same inclusive attitude in areas beyond our specific interests. But in addition to warm and inviting, we found Duck Woods to be professionally and thoughtfully managed. Professional in quality, thoughtful to the wants and interests of its members.

Duck Woods has become an important focus of our retirement life at the beach.

As I look forward, I find myself impressed and reassured as we close 2020 and look hopefully to a fresh 2021. The Club has strived to maintain a vibrant and meaningful role in the lives of the membership, adjusting its offerings to provide recreational and social programming in a caring and healthy environment. It has stressed health and safety, but has maintained a sharp focus on the changing needs and wants of members and guests. The staff has carried on with a smile and a “can do” attitude which bodes well as we look ahead.

Robyn and I look forward with assured confidence as we reconnect with our special friends and memorable social and athletic events.

The Outer Banks, and Duck Woods Country Club in particular, have been a source of rich blessing for the Green family. My parents, Bruce & Lois Green, became members well over 20 years ago, and have enjoyed the multitude of benefits the club offers. Though primarily social members, DWCC has graciously worked with my folks when they had golfers visiting, or when grandkids wanted to swim at the pool on summer visits. And we’ve had many parties, too, like my Dad’s 80th birthday celebration, and oh so many wonderful meals in the dining room. Sunday brunch after church is something we all look forward to anytime the family is in town. Now that my mom is a widow, the club is all the more important for her. It is a social lifeline, and she really looks forward to women’s events, bridge days, and the amazing Uncorked dinners each month. I think what best describes DWCC, though, aside from the great food, bright and friendly atmosphere, and amazing golf & tennis facilities, is the generous and cheerful staff. I cannot ever remember walking in the door, that gracious greetings, hugs and beaming smiles weren’t there to welcome us in. In many respects, DWCC has become a part of our family, and every time we are there, it’s like coming home.

Now that I, too, have had the chance to join the club, I also look forward to many years of pleasant times, great food and wonderful service.

I have been a member of Duck Woods Country Club for over 25 years, both as out of state and as in state resident. Our family has enjoyed all the amenities of membership during this time and more so since retiring here. The golf course is a well-conditioned Ellis Maples designed layout and one of the few that you are allowed to walk and can comfortably do so. The racket sports facility is top notch and pickle ball is an important component of that amenity with expansion on the horizon. The pool is a great place for the kids and adults. The fitness room is a plus as are the locker rooms and shower facilities. The dining options are excellent at a good value. BUT most of all, the staff, at every level, strive to make you feel part of a welcomed family as will the members themselves.