“Spread the LOVE” Event!! WADWCC will be sponsoring a food drive for the Beach Food Pantry on February 10th from 1:00-3:00 pm. Drop food off at the DWCC banquet entrance. We will also be collecting extra donations for the Beach Food Pantry and Food For Thought. Receive a beautiful handmade heart bookmark with any donation! Thank you, Jo Hurd! Your donations will be greatly appreciated. The winter months are traditionally difficult for some, and especially so with COVID.

We will also have a tip jar for Tshombe Selby, our December program performer. Some members have asked how we can help him with his school expenses. Checks should be made out to “WADWCC”. We will send him donations along with any notes of good wishes.

Come join us on February 3rd, as we continue with our nature series. Rachel Veal, horticulturalist with the North Carolina Aquarium, will present a plant workshop to tell us the best native plants and shrubs for our coastal environment and how to care for them.

While the virus continues to spread, we will continue to hold our meetings via Zoom and concentrate on outside activities. There is hope, though, as vaccinations are making their way through the priority list! In the meantime, please be safe and keep an eye out for those in need.

President, Carol Riggin

Vice President/Classes – Janie Serbousek
WADWCC class offerings this winter include cooking, photography, creativity, card making, making stepping-stones, iPhone Productivity, Healthy Choices and Floral Arranging. Check your email for the registration form that was sent from Hospitality. Classes are on a “First Come, First Served” basis, so don’t delay! Descriptions of classes can also be found on the WADWCC group Facebook page. Go to Announcements and click on the calendar link. There will be a $10 fee for Zoom classes and a $15 fee for in-person classes, plus any materials or professional fees. All net proceeds will be applied to the WADWCC operating budget.

Corresponding Secretary – Jeannette Grimes
If you know of any member who would appreciate a note of sympathy, support or recovery, please contact Jeannette Grimes at jgrimes1@centurylink.net

Membership – Michele Maslak
New members are always welcome! Please reach out to me with questions or interest. (michelemaslak@gmail.com)

Welcome Wagon – Patty Nelson
We are so excited to “Welcome” Sumit Gupta, Susan & Clark Childers, Samantha & Bill Gorham, Manfred Tiedemann & Kathorine Daniels, and Mike & Becky Voslow to the club.

Programs – Bobbie Perry
At our January meeting we were educated by Sara Hallas, Coastal Education Coordinator for the North Carolina Coastal Federation on Roanoke Island, about what we can do to help keep our coastal waters clean by directing storm water to slow down, spread out and soak into the soil. Sara shared some techniques that we can utilize to help, such as creating rain gardens and using rain barrels to catch the runoff. These simple do-it-yourself solutions can make a big difference for our environment.

To follow up what we learned from Sara, our February program will feature Rachel Veal, horticulturalist with the N.C. Aquarium, who will give us more details on creating rain gardens and the specific native flowers, shrubs and trees to plant in them. She will also give us valuable tips about caring for and maintaining them. After hearing these two enlightening speakers, our members should win awards for creating the most beautiful gardens on the Outer Banks!

Christmas Decorations – Holly Pembroke
The Christmas decorations are all nestled and snug in their storage bins ready for next year. The take down crew finished their work for the year on Monday, January 4. In spite of what could have been a bleak season, the clubhouse was beautiful and festive and full of cheer. Many thanks to the WADWCC decorators and the take down crew. A special thank you goes out to Jan, Kip, his crew, and many members of the staff. Until next year, I am signing off.

Food Pantry – Judy Copeman
On Wednesday, February 10 from 1-3pm, we will be holding a food drive at DWCC. We will be collecting breakfast items: oatmeal, grits, granola, breakfast bars, cereal, pancake mix (complete or add water only), spreads (jams, jellies, peanut butter, Nutella), coffee, tea, hot chocolate or something of your choosing. We want to help someone start their day in a lovely way. After you drop off your food at the banquet entrance, come down to the fire pit and visit with friends.

Food For Thought – Judi Flakowicz
We are only scheduling through January since we do not know if schools will remain virtual. WADWCC volunteers continue to help with the packing and distribution of food bags.

Literary Duck Book and Movie Club – Ellen Kruse & Marilyn Connaughton
Literary Ducks Book and Movie club will meet on Monday, February 15, at 10:30 AM via ZOOM. Our book for February will be PEOPLE OF THE BOOK by Geraldine Brooks. Our facilitator is Carole Kimmel. Members will receive ZOOM link info prior to meeting. If interested in joining in, please contact Marilyn Connaughton at mconnaughton65@gmail.com