One of our goals this past year was to keep our membership ties strong, despite the challenges of the pandemic. We have been so successful! The new clubs have been very instrumental in promoting close friendships among our members, old and new alike! We have received much positive feedback concerning the new clubs and expect them to be a permanent addition to our WADWCC offerings. The classes have been another opportunity for members to gather safely (virtually) with one another while having fun learning something new. We will be offering another round of classes during the winter and I encourage you all to sign up for a few! Our monthly Zoom meetings have given us all a chance to greet each other and they have been a great way to tie a name to a face, especially for our new members!

Come join us on January 6th for our next General Membership Meeting. Sara Hallas, from the N.C. Coastal Federation will give a presentation covering rain gardens and steps that homeowners can take to help protect our precious water quality.

Wishing you all a healthy and blessed 2021!
President, Carol Riggin

Vice President/Classes – Janie Serbousek
The WADWCC classes for 2021 are being scheduled so watch for announcements. The registration form will be available in mid-January. Offerings will include photography, cooking, gardening, creativity, iPhone instruction, making stepping stones, card making and more! If you have suggestions for classes or know someone who will teach, please email khvector@gmail.com

Jeannette Grimes – Corresponding Secretary
If you know of any member who would appreciate a note of sympathy, support or recovery, please contact Jeannette Grimes at jgrimes1@centurylink.net

Michele Maslak – Membership
New members are always welcome! Please reach out to me with questions or interest. (michelemaslak@gmail.com)

Programs – Bobbie Perry
Our fabulous December program left all who watched with warm fuzzy feelings and high holiday spirits galore! Tshombe Selby, Dare County’s gift to the world of opera, presented a beautiful performance of Christmas carols, arias and “Bring Him Home” from Les Mis that had us all reaching for the tissues. His interaction with our special guest, David Vincent, was heartwarming and touching. This was all done via Zoom from his New York apartment and was just amazing.

Clean water is the foundation for our coastal environment and economy, and our January program will feature Sara Hallas, Education Coordinator for the N.C. Coastal Federation, to tell us how we can learn some nature-based strategies to help keep storm water from polluting our shellfish and swimming waters. She will offer tips on creating water gardens and rain barrels as some do-it-yourself solutions to combat this problem.

Food Pantry – Judy Copeman
With the proceeds from the WADWCC Cookbook Tasty Treasures Feeding Family & Friends & the Outer Banks Community and additional contributions from our members the Beach Food Pantry was pre- sented with a check for $2,249.07 on December 11. Elisabeth Silverthorne, Director of the BFP was grateful to all who contributed their time, talent and recipes to the cookbook. She thanked all of WADWCC for their generosity, especially over the last few months with the Thanksgiving Meal Bag Program and the cookbook.

Food For Thought – Judi Flakowicz
WADWCC volunteers have been supporting Food for Thought by packing food bags every other week. When learning is being conducted virtually, we are also helping out with distribution of the bags every week by going to designated schools and helping to hand them out as families drive up to receive them in their vehicles.

The school system is providing breakfasts and lunches daily to all children under 18 which families receive before they proceed to the Food for Thought bag distribution.

Food for Thought was able to give $2,235 in school supplies to Dare County Schools thanks to donations by our supporters. Food for Thought truly appreciates everyone’s flexibility as we go with the flow of Covid uncertainty! The Board has asked me to express to all of you how much your continued support is appreciated.

Welcome Wagon – Patty Nelson
Late November we were happy to welcome Jill & Carl Slagle and Beverly & Barry Goldsmith to the club! And we have also welcomed Kaya Julliard and Kevin Johnson, Daniel Hardy Jr., and Otto and Beverly Wegman. If anyone would like to join the Welcome Wagon committee, please give me a call at 252-715-1120 or email me at patty8523@gmail.com

Literary Duck Book and Movie Club – Ellen Kruse & Marilyn Connaughton
Literary Ducks Book and Movie club will meet on Monday January 18th at 10:30 AM. Our topic will be IN THE VALLEY by Ron Rash, an American poet, short story writer, and novelist. Our facilitator will be Loismary Hoehne. The meeting will be via ZOOM. A link will be sent to members prior to the meeting date.