As we move into the summer season, we are all looking forward to seeing family and friends, some for the first time in over a year! Covid restrictions are loosening, thanks to all the folks on the Outer Banks who followed the CDC guidelines and got their vaccinations! We have a new Executive Board ready to celebrate Being Together Again. I am honored to serve as WADWCC President, with Robin Hearne as Vice President. Toni Joyner will take over as our Treasurer, and Mary Lou Hoffert and Jeanette Grimes will continue in their roles as Recording and Corresponding Secretaries. Thanks to all the Board members who guided us through this past year with grace and ingenuity! We particularly want to thank Carol Riggin, Past President, and Janie Serbousek, Past Vice President, for their creativity and patience. WADWCC had a year full of activities, some via Zoom, some in members’ yards, out in the community, and around the fire pit. We are planning to restart our luncheon meetings in September, so dust off your “going to lunch” outfits, find your real shoes, and plan to join us as we start Being Together Again!

President, Mary Ahearn

Corresponding Secretary – Jeannette Grimes
If you know of any member who would appreciate a note of sympathy, support or recovery, please contact Jeannette Grimes at jgrimes1@centurylink.net

Welcome Wagon – Patty Nelson
We are very excited to welcome 3 new golf members during the month of May. Our 2021 Membership Open House during the Memorial Day Weekend was a huge success. The Welcome Wagon committee is busy greeting 12 new Social and Golf members.

Literary Duck Book and Movie Club – Ellen Kruse & Marilyn Connaughton
Literary Ducks Book and Movie Club will meet on Monday July 19 at 10; 30 AM, location TBD. After nominating books on June 28, and voting by email, we hope to have a new season of books to announce. Our July Discussion will be AMERICAN DIRT by Jeanine Cummins… the facilitators will be Marilyn Connaughton and Martha Furioni. Members will get a reminder email. There will be no August meeting.

Membership – Michele Maslak
New members are always welcome! Please reach out to me with questions or interest. (michelemaslak@gmail.com)

Blood Drive – Patty Nelson
The Blood Drive at Holy Redeemer Catholic Church is scheduled for Tuesday, August 10th from 10am-4pm and Wednesday, August 11th from Noon-6pm. At this time we have enough volunteers for Tuesday, August 10th. I will be looking for a couple more volunteers for Wednesday, August 11th. Thank you to all the ladies who have signed up to support the August Blood Drive. If you would like to help out, please email me at patty8523@gmail.com or call me at 252-715-1120.

Food Pantry – Judy Copeman
There are many opportunities to volunteer over the summer. These include: packing food for the Summer Food for Kids program, sort and stock the shelves and get the Pantry ready for clients, or assist clients with their shopping. If you are interested, please call the Pantry at (252) 261-2756.

Food For Thought – Judi Flakowicz
If you interested in helping next year, please contact me at jflakowicz@gmail.com.

Programs – Bobbie Perry
Our last program before our summer break featured Kate Sutherland, one of our past scholarship recipients, who told us how we helped her achieve her goal to become a marine biologist. She graduated with honors from UNC-Wilmington in 2016 and is currently working on her Master’s degree. In addition, she works for a sea-birding tour company out of Hatteras that has the enigmatic Black-capped Petrel as their signature species. She related many fascinating facts about this bird and others that her tour groups see on their trips. Needless to say, we are very proud of our contribution to the success of this delightful young woman. Stay tuned for a new season of interesting, informative and innovative programs under the leadership of JoAnn Small and Ginger Webster. This dynamic duo are sure to come up with a year of stimulating ideas of great appeal to all.